Aug 162009

I don’t believe that this piece of artwork has been seen publicly too often. Comes from a Convair report. Irritatingly, Convair liked to reproduce their art on “pebbly” paper in the late 50’s/early ’60’s, leading to inevitable “pebbly” reproductions.


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  • David Winfrey

    For a moment, I thought it looked like it was carrying Pluto missiles as stand-offs.

  • Pat Flannery

    I thought the missiles were Soviet AS-4 “Kitchens”. 🙂
    They seem to have undernose intakes, like Firebee drones.
    The wings make it look like they travel at around Mach 2.
    In fact, what you can see of them bears somewhat of a resemblence to the Mach 1.8 Firebee II.