Aug 152009

Another attempt at photographing the Milky Way with my Canon point-n-click produced this, the result of several 15 second exposures and the use of an astronomical photo stacking program.


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  • David Winfrey

    How dark are your skies to the naked eye? My small town has seen a growth in streetlights over the last 20 years, such that rivers of stars can no longer be seen.

  • admin

    > How dark are your skies to the naked eye?

    Most of the sky is pretty dark, especially after a good windy storm that blows out the dust (or in winter). But the lights from Tremonton to the East and Ogden/Salt Lake City to the south can be bothersome (see here: the glow behind the mountain comes from Ogden/Salt Lake).

    But the Milky Way is usually quite clear when overhead and no clouds.