Dec 122017

The post earlier today about the whackadoodle anti-engineering article? It was written by, wait for it, the head of Purdue’s School of Engineering Education, something I posted about in April.

Didn’t Purdue used to be a pretty well respected engineering university? While I’d hate to lay the punishment for this insanity at the feet of the graduate, one has to wonder how long it’ll take before engineering firms like Boeing and Lockheed and Exxon and General Electric and Ford see “Purdue graduate” on a resume and remember who Purdue likes to hire, and decides that it’d perhaps be safest to pass on those resumes.

If you get your art wrong, your painting doesn’t sell. If you get your poli-sci wrong, your candidate doesn’t win. You get the *engineering* wrong, people die, coastlines are trashed, contracts are cancelled, companies are sued into oblivion, stockholders bail and tens of thousands can become unemployed. So if an engineering school becomes known as a place where “engineering rigor” is actually frowned upon… how good of an engineer do you think they be?

Something all *good* engineering curricula teach is “risk analysis.” Hiring an SJW-trained engineer? Not worth the risk. You’d be better off hiring an engineer from Taiwan or New Delhi. You know, the Asians with all the white privilege.

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  • Michael

    I can imagine an extension of the affirmative action lows, to control failure to hire from SJW schools. All that would needed would be a law that says no one can identify the school from which their degree was obtained..

    • Peter Hanely

      Do that and employers will want to use other gauges of an applicant’s education.

      • FelixA9

        Maybe they’d go the way of art positions. “We don’t care where you went to school, let’s see your portforlio / what you’ve done.”

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Just brand any “graduate” from a converged school with the #metoo tag and they will be dragged from the premises kicking and screaming as a sexual predator.

    Evidently the bar can be as low a a forged signature on a 40 year old yearbook, so go clear the decks of these parasites.

    • publiusr

      You need somebody to swab out static test stands, don’t you?

      Oops, silly me–the rocket is started.