Dec 122017

In an effort to inform the public about the electromagnetic spectrum, this NASA-funded video produced at CalTech has Ed Wasser playing an IT guy named Dave talking to a singing AI voiced by Ellen McLain. McLain has in recent years become sort of the go-to voice for creepy AIs, right up there with Douglas Rains HAL. It’s amusing and enlightening if your education left out the basics of the electromagnetic spectrum. More importantly, it raises the important question of whether Babylon 5 would have been even more awesome if it had had a disturbing disembodied AI working either with or against the Shadows (and just how much even more extra creepier B5 would have been had Wesley Crusher been briefly visible in the background on propaganda posters).

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  • mattm

    If she offers cake, the cake is a lie.
    If he asks what you want, ask for his head on a pike.