Dec 052017

This is some truly astonishing reading right here:

What Really Happened At The School Where Every Graduate Got Into College

Short form: a large percentage of the “graduates” are academic disasters. One-fifth missed more than half the school days, unexcused. Half missed more than three months. And the school passed ’em anyway, because that way they get bonuses. As one recent graduate points out: “I felt at a point around getting toward winter, I ain’t have to be there no more.” Sure. As one does.

I don’t know if we can do this with teachers, but can we replace school *administrators* with robots yet? Robots that don’t give a damn about bribery or threats?

You’ll be shocked, SHOCKED to find out that this school is in the Washington. D.C. district.

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  • Michael

    We have laws that mandate that they be hired. This would be fun to watch if it were happening in sci-fi movie.

    (I know someone who graduated from that school in 1965. The Old Days were indeed different.)

  • Lawrance Wong


  • James

    Yea heard this the other day they went pretty deep into it. I loved the interview.

    This is what happens when you have people, a system, and good intentions. People will twist those intentions to benefit themselves.

    • Doug Pirahna

      >People will twist those intentions to benefit themselves.

      Especially if they get a bonus and/or keep their job. We’ve seen the the same thing in other districts, there was wholesale changing of answers on state tests, etc. to make sure the kids passed and the teachers kept their jobs and the principals got bonuses.

      The stark reality is that not every kid will pass or graduate no matter what you do, whether that’s up to intelligence, motivation or home life.
      It’s fantasy to expect a 100% graduation rate and a 100% college entrance rate.
      When I was in public school I saw several kids that were passed every year when they shuoldn’t have been, whether they couldn’t do the work or were a problem in class and were passed to move them along.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Pity there isn’t some sort of database of these schools and colleges so employers would know who to screen out at the receive resume stage,

    • guest

      Dass beez raycisms, mang.

      Also, lots of employers are these days run by people who think it’s vastly more important to virtue-signal about “diversity” by hiring illiterate cretins who can’t find the “on” switch than it is to manufacture a usable product, or make a profit for the shareholders. We live in a society where objective qualification is objective disqualification. When it comes to Affirmative Action, the worse, the better. “We’re so committed to ‘diversity’ that we hired a drug-addicted violent felon and convicted sex offender with an IQ of 55!”