Dec 042017

Concealability seems poor.

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  • Adam

    I think this gun would be good for home defense if it was mounted on a turret and used as an anti-materiel weapon.

  • Bob

    Paul Bunyan would like it.

    • Lawrance Wong

      So would Wile E Coyote.

  • Paul451

    Styling it as a Colt Army pistol is silly, not sure if that was necessary for the Guinness record. But since it appears to be loaded as a muzzle-loader, but using the cylinder openings, it would be an interesting take on a small field cannon. A hybrid between a muzzle-loader and a breach-loader. You can have up to six rounds pre-loaded before the first shot, plus easier loading than a muzzle-loader of the same barrel length; giving you a much higher rate of fire than a conventional cannon of the era.

    (Similarly, on a ship, you could run out more of the barrel, giving you greater ability to angle the weapon for the same sized gunport; while reloading occurs near the back of the cannon. Gives you the advantages of a breach-loader for a lower level of technology.)

    That said, I assume you’d get a butt-load of escaping gases out the side; which would be fun for the crew.

  • publiusr