Dec 032017

This one is rough. It features animal cruelty *and* profound human stupidity: the prime features of downright evil. It’s one of those vids that produced an *instant* negative emotional response in me, as it may others, so I’m putting it after the break. Don’t click “Continue reading” if you don’t want your day freakin’ ruined, you heart broken, your gut wrenched, your remaining shreds of your former faith in humanity stripped away by the sounds in the last second of the video.

The video is here:

It’s common enough for people to go all Internet Tough Guy and say what they’d do in some hypothetical if they met the bad guy. But you know what? I will shed not one single goddam tear when this piece of garbage gets shanked in the prison yard. It cannot happen soon enough. Not only as justice for the cat, but as a preventative… no way in hell this monster becomes anything but a burden to society at best, a serial killer at worst.

Updates with some quite possibly unreliable identifying going on being posted HERE.

There seems to be a post-incident snippet of video with the perp in question. He speaks like a freakin’ mental midget pretending to be a hard gangbanger. Seems like this is some sort of gang initiation thing.




A good question: why would I post this sort of thing. A lameass answer: sometimes things just piss me the hell off enough that I feel the need to share the rage. If he ends up like Theon Greyjoy, that would not be unjust.



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  • sferrin

    I don’t even read that stuff. If anybody did anything like that to my critter I’m not sure they wouldn’t be a goner if I got hold of them.

  • echos of the mt’s

    The reason why filth like that need to be stomped on is if they are willing to do that to a cat, what are they willing to do to a human?

  • se jones

    Scott: was there ever any more news on the POS cat murderer with the high bounty there in Utah?

    • Scottlowther

      Unfortunately, no. There was a “person of interest,” but the news faded after that. I guess it’s not too surprising that it went unsolved.

      • sferrin

        At our local PetSmart they had some cats & kittens one weekend a while back. One of the cats was one that had been abused by the same asshole but rescued. He was in bad shape; enough to make a grown man cry.

        • Scottlowther

          PetSmart actually had damaged/injured cats? Were they up for adoption in that state, or was it a “look what this asshole did” PR stunt?

  • sam murica

    When I see shit like this, it just brings out the worst tendencies in me. I think this is what we’ve gotten for ourselves will all the diversity is our strength bullshit…a country full of fucking barbarians. The only way to put a stop to this shit is to put them all to the sword. I’m sure there are shitbag whites like this guy, but it just seems so widespread in black and mexican culture to celebrate cruelty just for shits and giggles (knockout game anyone?) . I hate I’ve turned into a racist but I honestly don’t know what else explains it….

    • Scottlowther

      Sad to say, but there are more than enough white folks who are utter scumbags like this. A recent news story from not far south of here involves an entire business (a brickmaking facility) that went on a widespread cat-abuse spree because there were feral cats pooping in their sand. Rather than letting the humane society people take care of them, they decided it would be a fun lark to torture the colony to death.

      Scumbaggery knows no racial boundaries. There are, however, cultural distinctions that are important. There is, for example, a culture that thinks it’s a hilarious jape to chuck homosexuals off rooftops. Somehow I suspect they probably wouldn’t have a whole lot of problem with tossing kittens.

      As for a country full of barbarians… gotta ask *why* there are such barbaric subcultures. I look back to things like the Great Society which resulted in whole generations of fatherless children… and that was all due to some of the worst white guys America has ever produced, scumbags like Ted Kennedy and LBJ.

  • se jones

    I du know, that was one hell of a reward, a lot of incentive for someone to rat out the A-hole.

    • Scottlowther

      Only if someone saw him do it or suspected. For a serial killer in training, part of the process is to learn to keep it quiet. And/or to keep the folks at home so terrified of you that they learn to not say nuthin to nobody.

      • se jones

        yeah spose so.