Nov 302017

Turns out that a few days ago character actor Rance Howard died. He had a small role on Babylon 5 as Captain Sheridans dad (and as dad/Kosh). He was 89, so this one is not exactly shocking. Rance Howard was the father of Ron, and was in a *lot* of movies.

So, to update the list:

Rance Howard, Played captain Sheridans dad, died November 25, 2017

Stephen Furst, played Vir Cotto, died June 16 2017

Jerry Doyle, played Michael Fraggin’ Garibaldi, died July 27 2016.

Robin Sachs died in February 2013, played a number of aliens… Narns Na’Tok, Na’Kal; Minbari Coplann and Hedronn

Turhan Bey, played the Centauri emperor, died in September 2012.

Michael O’Hare, who played the station commander Jeffrey Sinclair for the first season, died in September 2012, two days before Bey.

Jeff Conaway, played Zack Allen, died in May, 2011

Johnny Sekka, played Dr. Kyle in “The Gathering” pilot, died September, 2006.

Andreas Katsulas, played the inestimable G’Kar, died February, 2006

Tim Choate (Zathras) died in September, 2004.

Richard Biggs, played Doctor Franklin, died May, 2004

Paul Winfield, played Doc Franklin’s dad, died March, 2004





The Babylon 5 cast in their prime.

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  • James

    God I miss that show.

  • JCohn

    So do I. It was shiny.

    Every few years I go through the series and movies again, and I’m all maudlin all over again.