Nov 292017

Garrison Keillor fired amid claims of ‘inappropriate behavior’; his ‘Prairie Home’ rebroadcasts end

The claim of sexual harassment here is disputed by Keillor. He doesn’t deny that something happened, but his explanation of it – the only explanation currently out there – just doesn’t sound like sexual harassment:

Keillor detailed one of the encounters to the Star Tribune, writing that he was fired because he put his hand on a woman’s bare back as he tried to console her.

He said in an email to the newspaper that he was trying to pat the woman’s back after she had told him “about her unhappiness.” Keillor wrote that the woman’s shirt was open and his hand went up about 6 inches.

On the one hand, I’m a bit confused about the geometry of the situation. Her shirt was open? I suppose there are some shirts that open from the back rather than the front… but why would such a shirt be open in  business environment? On the other hand, patting someone’s back is a common gesture. If there was indeed something going on that was consolation-worthy, a pat on the back would be *very* understandable.

Details are sparse. Perhaps there was more to it than this, but if not, it seems that companies may be getting a bit too trigger-happy when it comes to firing people based purely on accusations. If a pat on the back can get you fired, then telepresence can’t come soon enough.


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  • B-Sabre

    I understand what he might be referring to – a blouse that fastens at the back of the neck but has an opening that runs down the back.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    The wonder of this is the Progressives were so obviously getting ready to use this against Republicans, but it exploded in their faces instead.

    We can understand this by looking at the second law of SJW’s: SJW’s always project. The Progs have been very enthusiastic about accusing Republicans and conservatives of waging a “war on women”, it is now clear the main groups waging any war on women is them, and they are projecting their behaviour on *us*.

    And how it has spread so rapidly and started damaging the Entertainment, media and political classes? Look at the third law of SJW’s: SJW’s always doubler down. The Progs indiscriminately cast the net, and it catches some of theirs. So the obvious thing to do is cast farther and wider…..

    I hope the progressives enjoy living in the world they were trying to create for us

  • se jones

    Getting strange?

    Here’s what energy policy looks like in Boulder Colorado (sorry, I just had to share).

  • se jones

    So what is the Progressive vs. Conservative slime-ball score now anyway? Seems like the Lefties are ahead, as you would expect. Plus, they start out with a huge handicap for “the Lion of the Senate” and Barney Frank in the first place.

  • xvdougl

    Guess it was time to drain the Woebgone Swamp. Sticking up for Stuart Smalley probably isn’t helping is case now…

  • Bob

    This is beginning to look like a convenient way to get rid of some high priced dead wood.

    • Scottlowther

      One one hand: there *seems* be be almost no delay between accusation and termination. This would indicate that accusation of sexual misconduct is a damned fine way to get rid of someone.
      One the other hand: Apart from Keilor and Roy Moore, few if any of the accused are seeming to put up any sort of fight. this would seem to indicate that the accused are for the most part actually guilty.

      Put the two together and it appears that the problem of sexual misconduct is rampant among those fields of endeavor that focus on the accumulation of power and living in fantasy world. Thus politics and infotainment have a built-in way to mass jettison at least the male higher-ups.

      As others have noted, this incident is actually pretty educational.Not so much in “educating the public in the evils of sexual harassment/the patriarchy/toxic masculinity” or any of the rest of that, but in pointing out that now we can explain why progressives seem to think that the US is a “rape culture.” Not because it is, but because the subset that the loudest progressives are embedded within is.

      • publiusr

        Yes indeedy ladies and gentlemen—no more powdermilk biscuits. In other news, Brainerd the anarchist dynamited the Eugene V Debs association, and they found the bodies of the Tolerudes floating face down in Lake Woebegon.