Nov 282017

Too often the videos that high school students upload of themselves make you despair for the future, based on the utter stupidity and petty (and often not so petty) evil that the kids display. Then there’s this kid, who stands up to stupidity and petty evil in the classroom. I’ve little doubt that he’s getting some blowback at school for displaying wrongthink, and for idiot-shaming his moron of a teacher for all the world to see, but good on him anyway.


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  • becida

    The dictionary was telling lies….

  • Peter Hanely

    Looks like another data point that sending your kids to public school these days is child abuse.

  • Kopis

    Appeal to authority and false premise fallacies galore from the (cough- bullsh!t) teacher.
    Additionally, “….There’s liars, damn liars, and statisticians.” – Mark Twain

  • Doug Pirahna

    But Scott, the dictionary is a creation of a patriarchal, white, cisgendered group that didn’t take into account the contributions of the society in outer jihadistan!


    Reminds me of a computer science professor in college, there was only one right answer to a question, his answer. Wrong answers included anything in the textbook or anything different than the way he’d do it.
    Straight A students struggled to get C’s in that class.

    • Siergen

      I think I had the same instructor for my Fortran course! This was back when the IBM PC was just coming out, and he spent an entire lecture explaining that computers were so powerful that the government should regulate all use of them. Our review for the final was an in-depth review of every possible way to diagram/flowchart a function to swap the numbers between two variables…