Nov 272017

Every now and then someone produces a “folding firearm” designed for easier carry or concealment, or outright camouflage by making a folded weapon look like something else…a  flashlight, radio or cell phone, say. Glock produced this mechanism, which, frankly, leaves me befuddled. It’s not meaningfully smaller and it’s still very clearly a pistol, so… what benefit is added? Seems like extra cost, complexity and failure points. Perhaps some slight improvement in the ergonomics of carrying it on a belt, but… meh.

Full Concealed M3 Folding Glock

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  • Derek

    So, smaller a gun is, the more chances it has to fail? I can only assume this design has hundreds, if not thousands of hours of testing behind it.

    • Ulrich Brasche III

      its not the size of the gun that’s the issue. its the folding assembly of the grip. which as its not a product of Glock, it may not actually have hundreds or thousands of hours of testing behind it.

  • Jason Miller

    For what it’s worth, it’s not an OEM Glock product, but an aftermarket product by “Full Conceal”. Another gimmicky solution in search of a problem. The creative destruction of the marketplace should see their capital reallocated to more useful purposes shortly.

  • Michel Van

    biggest problem with this concept
    the bullets of magazine are in the open
    mean the owner can lose bullets or worst
    a bullet moving in position were it block the mechanism of pistol
    eider the folding mechanism or trigger system

  • allen

    I could see it as useful in a pilot’s survival kit. unless you plan to be flying near bear country. then a Mossberg Shockwave “firearm” might be better..

  • John Nowak

    I guess it’s slightly more convenient to pack?

  • xvdougl

    If you can’t get enough of cleaning your pistols?

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    still prefer a standard glock frame. even the compact is a little short as I live in a “no concealed carry for you, peasant!” state and I have to make do with shooting for accuracy