Nov 272017

It’s probably for the best when nurses who want to kill babies post that information publicly. That’s *usually* the sort of thing that goes against hospital policy.

Indiana Nurse Under Investigation for Tweets about Killing White Babies

Can you imagine the cloud of legal liability the hospital would be forced to live under if they kept her on board? Even if she was the best, most conscientious nurse who ever nursed, if *anything* were to ever go wrong with a patient – especially a young white male patient – anywhere near to her care, the attack lawyers would come out in force. Such as in this case, where the presence of a hidden camera kinda changed the story about how a patient died:

Apparently the nursing home here got sued hard and agreed to some kind of settlement, even though it was the actual nurses who behaved badly not the nursing home itself. How does a hospital protect its patients – and itself – from medical staff who actively oppose the survival of the patients… unless the staff is actually caught doing or saying something along those lines?

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  • Robbie

    Thinking about how the nursing home staff just let my grandmother lie there and inhale her own vomit which resulted in her death fills me with the desire to acquaint them with a Star Trek disruptor.

    • publiusr

      My parents never go that far. My Dad complained of back pain. He tried to tell the doctors that “your back isn’t supposed to hurt—like this.”

      They just made their mind up it was the usual.”
      We got the MRI results the day we put him in the ground. Huge tumors in his spine.

      My Mom didn’t out-live him four months. She died of hypoxia and failure to thrive. She willed herself to death. Not one damn lawyer helped.

      Back to the subject at hand. Most of my experience growing up was that black lady nurses were the most loving.

      The young white candy stripers with boyfriends on their mind–the worst. Talk about not caring.