Nov 252017

By this point it’s kind of an old joke, been done to death. And yet this one is done well enough that it’s still durned funny.


It’s funny cuz it’s true. And cuz it’s true, we’re doomed.

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  • allen

    my niece just got a job at a major clothing store. from 17 (graduated from high school) to 21 (now) she has been mostly on her phone, with occasional breaks to go trap shooting.

    currently she complains about how stupid customers are, and why she can’t dress however she likes, and can’t be on her phone during the workday. after her first paycheck she was pissed about how much taxes got taken out, and blamed trump for it.

    • DJohn1

      We’ve raised a generation of perfect slaves.

      That is a resource to cash in on. 8)

      • FelixA9

        Even slaves need to be able to actually perform.

        • Scottlowther

          One’s utility does not always mean the ability to perform physical or intellectual labor. Sometimes, simply existing long enough is enough. And then your purpose will become clear.

          • allen

            it’s sad how close that is. we’re raising a generation of Eloi, who despise anyone who can actually do the things they need to survive.

          • sferrin

            I guess feedstock for the Soylent Green will still be necessary. Even an SJW could manage that.

        • James

          Nah not necessary, why do you think they need all those none college educated males and mexicans. The Mexicans largely go home after a few years and are a political in most ways and the guys are effectively outnumbered and silenced politically.

          This new generation and world is just like the one that is now running it. Largely all the positions of power are occupied by those who are best at imitating or doing as the instructions say.

    • Peter Hanely

      I suspect many of her customers, at least the ones demanding the most attention, are stupid. Though perhaps not quite in the way she means.

      Complaining that she can’t be on her phone during the workday? She needs an economics lesson, about how she’s exchanging her time and work, value for the employer, for that paycheck.

      Pissed about how much taxes got taken out of her paycheck? Good. Blaming Trump? She badly needs a civics and history lesson.

  • se jones

    trap shooting? At least there’s that.

    • allen

      exactly. when she started that, back when she was an 8th grader, I thought there was hope. she’s actually VERY good at it, placed very high individually. she’s even a coach now. but has zero motivation to do anything else.

      she had an opportunity to take that and get a full-ride scholarship to one of the big boston schools..apparently they have a trap team, and putting a girl on it makes it co-ed and qualifies it for Title 9. but she didn’t tell anyone or act on it until it was too late. she figured Bernie Sanders’ “free college for all” would cover her, so why have to work to get an education?

  • markus baur

    had to sit in on some job interviews for apprentice positions that went something like that ..

    • DJohn1

      Give them a second chance when they drag their sorry, chastened asses back at 26.

  • becida

    That was funny!
    If it’s truer than not then it’s scary sad….

  • Bob

    I’m old enough to remember when the word “technology” meant chemicals and cars and airplanes and steam turbines and all kinds of things.