Nov 202017

The model doubled in filesize just with the addition of some of the tiny details… and there are more to come. Ugh. But it looks pretty awesome.

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  • Derek

    Hot damn! Looking good. Can’t wait to see how the kit comes out!

  • xvdougl

    We’ve had some demonstrations on how to keep file size in check with a few CAD gurus but with something like this it’s damn near unavoidable. So when this is complete does it become FP’s model forevermore? I know it’s not you’re side of it but I’m curious about what kind of permissions /licensing goes on for this sort of thing. I would guess no two projects are exactly the same…

    • Scottlowther

      >does it become FP’s model forevermore?

      More or less.

      > I know it’s not you’re side of it

      Damn skippy. Glad to not be involved with such things when it comes to “garage kits.”

  • Bill H

    Similar to xvdougl’s question. If it’s an authorized model, why don’t they just allow use of their 3D file than building a new one from scratch? Or at least digitally viewing it to get it exact?

  • Long Rider

    Why is it purple?

    • Scottlowther

      It’d got to be *some* color. Having different layers and different details being different colors helps distinguish them. Once they’re printed, of course, they’ll all be the same translucent kinda amber color, and once they’re cast in resin they’ll be the same slightly off-white.

  • Mike RuggaBugga Moreau

    And here I was getting excited that there’d actually be a download link. Not interested until I can play with it myself 🙂