Nov 092017

I tried to scan some documents tonight, and the results were rather disturbing. I’ve seen this sort of thing before, but now it’s *really* bad. What could cause this, and can it be fixed… or is it time to take this scanner out into the woods and use it for target practice?

Note the lines. They *should* be straight. The paper original has straight lines, and the paper itself is good and flat, so it’s clearly something in the scanner itself.

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  • Michel Van

    What model of scanner you use?
    i afraid that something wrong with the motor who move the scanner sensor.

    • David Blappy Guertin

      Likely this. The motor looks like its not feeding smoothly anymore. Ir maybe a slipping drive belt or worn gear somewhere causing it to “jitter” as it feeds.

      • Bob

        Drop of oil in the right place?

  • Randino

    Probably target practice. Unless it was a super-expensive unit (and/or large-bed), then you might try a repair station. Otherwise, probably not cost effective. Alternatively, you might look for a tear-down/assembly manual; those often have calibration schemes that you could try. Unfortunately some require special tools/software…hence “repair station”. But you might luck out.

    • publiusr

      I blame the cats….

  • se jones

    Go here:
    Get/be pissed off. Search/network on the web to find others with that scanner and how they have fixed em.
    It’s surprising how many common parts there are in scanners & printers, all the little gears, belts, stepper motors, linear drives and what-not are usually off-the-shelf stuff you can get on the interwebs. Linear drives are especially prone to getting gummed up with age, and super easy to clean and get working again. A tool for the tiny little snap rings is nice to have. Trust me.

  • MzUnGu

    Tighten up the belt inside.

  • xvdougl

    Well it is a B-2….

  • Polaris1

    Scratches on the glass, dirt or debris on the imager

  • Asteroza

    If it’s a worm pole gear, a very small amount of lube (graphite/oil?) on the sled portion, for belts, try to tighten them up or replace them.

    Though just a guess, it’s colder now, perhaps you haven’t sufficiently preheated your scanner if it’s in a cold office? Or you can be like these guys and use your cats as a test image and preheater…