Nov 082017

Work continues.

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  • xvdougl

    Nice. Are you typically involved past providing the finished 3D model? How it will be broken into pieces for the kit?

    • Scottlowther

      1: About half the time I clean up the parts, add further details and refinements.
      2: “Kitting” will take place after modeling is complete and a final determination is made on scale. Just eyeballing it, the basic parts layout would include:
      A: Top shell of “fuselage”
      B: Bottom shell of “fuselage”
      C: Top engine hoop
      D: Middle engine hoop
      E: Bottom engine hoop
      F: Aft “fuselage” (connecting to E)

      Since the Orville does not have a whole lot of projecting bits and pieces and the main components are all pretty smooth, the kit may not have any more parts than this. But we’ll see.

  • se jones

    In other news: Cthulhu Jr. hosts karaoke night on the Orville. You don’t see that every day.