Oct 272017

Europe seems to be just slightly less peaceful and unified and satisfied with its borders as is often portrayed…

Spain Seizes Power in Catalonia After Region Declares Independence



What’s more, there are a number of independence movements around Europe. Many are no doubt honest expressions of ethnic/cultural differences. Some are no doubt due to irritation at the insidious nature of the EU government. And I’ve no doubt that some, perhaps most, are being egged on by the likes of Putin. Europe falling to bits would be handy for the dreams of a Russian empire.

Beyond Catalonia: pro-independence movements in Europe



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  • Partyharhar


    So I see Scott is a subscriber to the Hillary Clinton newsletter

    • Scottlowther

      The same Hillary Clinton who took buckets of money from Russia to do their bidding? Or are you referring to some other Hillary Clinton?

      • Partyharhar

        “And I’ve no doubt that some, perhaps most, are being egged on by the likes of Putin”

        Let’s see, if I do a search online for news and opinion outlets which promote this theory:

        -Washington Post
        -Huffington Post


        • Scottlowther

          Yes, I’m sure RT and Sputnik are telling you to ignore the man behind the curtain.

          • Partyharhar

            Is that your way of deflecting from the fact that your in agreement with Hillary Clinton, Keith Olbermann, Maxine Waters, Michael Moore, and the Hollywood left?

          • Scottlowther

            Chances are good that the people you reference also believe that the earth is round and that water is wet. Go ahead and cash your check from the Kremlin , you’ve done your best to convince people that Putin isn’t a power mad dirt bag trained by the KGB, but you’ll find few buyers for your brand of BS around here.

          • Michel Van

            you gotta cool it with the Russia paranoia

            I mean, really? Russia is behind anything and everything? And what evidence do we have that Russia set up president Trump as a puppet? Where is the smoking gun?

            I swear it is bad enough we gotta hear “It da white man keepin us down” from BLM or “anything bad that happens to us women is because of the patriarchy” from feminists

          • Scottlowther

            Hard to take you seriously when you go from taking my thought that Putin may be “egging on” the political chaos in Europe, and you crank it way up to 11 with “Russia is behind anything and everything.” Especially when we’ve seen Russia go so far as to invade, conquer and annex chunks of sovereign European nations in recent years.

          • Michel Van

            “Russia conquering sovereign European nations in recent years”

            alright then, can you link us a photo of one nation outside of Russia with the Russian flag flying above their capitol building?

          • Scottlowther

            Don’t be obtuse. Or else Putins people will march in, take part of your turf and use it as a launch pad for SAMs to bring down jetliners.

            Note: I said, as you can clearly read, “conquer and annex *CHUNKS* of sovereign European nations.” Did I say “capitol buildings?” No, i did not. That was your strawman… *again.*

          • publiusr

            My wife’s family is Ukrainian (she moved here about 15 years ago), we last traveled there about 7 years ago though we still keep in touch with her brothers, I can assure you despite the government propaganda, the Ukraine people respect the wishes of Crimea to leave, despite the fact it would make it harder to access the vacation beaches there needing the new passports, but that is still a better roadblock than the current government practice of banning speaking Russian (half the language of the country) and attempting to bring back the draft which almost nobody is signing up for because they do not want to kill their own countrymen


    • sferrin

      Those would be the same people Hillary got paid by to sell US uranium to, yes?

  • allen

    there will probably be an attempted media blackout, followed by martial law and widespread arrests. it will get very ugly, very fast.

    the EU will turn a blind eye to all human rights violations, because it will serve as an example to other independence movements in europe.

  • Michel Van

    the article has several errors:

    There is no Bavaria “favor or movement for independence” what so ever

    Bornholm WTF ?

    The Flemish independence movement of political Party N-VA stoped
    once they became major player in Belgium Politic and ruling the Kingdom…

    the Walloon quest for independence ended 20 years a go do lack of interest
    And French Government made official statement they Not want Walloon.

  • Paul451

    Many are no doubt honest expressions of ethnic/cultural differences. Some are no doubt due to irritation at the insidious nature of the EU government.

    AIUI, they aren’t ethnic/culturally distinct like the Basque (or Scotland), they are just the wealthiest part of Spain. An analogy would be if upper Manhattan split off and formed their own micro-nation, but under a treaty where they can do everything they do now as part of NY state and the US, except not paying taxes.

    Hence, Catalonia’s “independence” campaigners don’t want to leave the EU, just Spain. Under EU rules, they would still be able to trade freely with Spain (and Europe), travel freely through Spain, and draw wealthy/talented Spanish speaking people to move to Catalonia as now; and have their low-paid workers commute from outside the region, but obviously not live there. The only difference would be not contributing financially back to Spain via taxes.

    They don’t even want to leave the Spanish regional sportball league.