Oct 262017

Something interesting seems to be zipping through the solar system…


It has already blasted past the sun on a hyperbolic orbit and is now beyond Earth, moving at an impressive rate of speed: 26 km/sec.


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  • markus baur

    now – the obvious point for it to start meneuvering would have been at perihelion … 8)

  • markus baur

    some more information in a more easily understood format


    • Herp McDerp

      Scott’s link to Wikipedia is useful, too, because editors have been adding new information as it becomes available: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C/2017_U1_(PANSTARRS).

      The Powers That Be have changed the object’s designation to A/2017_U1_(PANSTARRS), meaning that they’re now officially calling it an interstellar asteroid. Whatever the object is, it hasn’t shown any sign of a coma or tail.

      • publiusr

        That thing–whatever it is–looks to do a pretty hard turn after it’s visit near the Sun–and seems to be heading out along pretty much along the plane of our solar system.

        What other objects will this thing pass near?

        Please say “Ceres.” Maybe enough time to have Dawn or something meet it?

  • Dean Fox

    Should name it “Rama”. 🙂

    • You beat me to it (Am re-reading the series at the moment, one of those harsher in hindsight moments when you read of an asteroid wiping out two Italian cities on 9/11 (2077)).