Oct 182017

Manufacturing the 1911: not exactly brain surgery.

Are they built to proper specifications, using proper materials, properly heat treated? Nope. Will it put a bullet in a target? Almost certainly. Quite possibly several hundred times before something breaks.

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  • Bob

    There’s a town in Pakistan called Darra Adam Khel where they can make you a 50 cal machine gun from a scrap truck axle using tools no more complicated than a file and a drill press. These people are expert gunsmiths and they can make you anything you want. With the United States advanced technology just think what will happen when the Liberals finally achieve their wet dream and ban all firearms. A cottage industry in illegal firearms will immediately spring up. It will be worse than Prohibition in the 20’s or the present War On Drugs.

  • Jeffersonian

    There has already been a (mostly) 3D-printed stainless steel 1911, as an expensive proof-of-concept.

    80%, legally non-firearm 1911 frames have been available for years, just like AR15 lower receivers. Cody Wilson recently announced the GhostGunner 2, to finish those frames, just as the original was intended for the AR receivers.

    There are 80% Glock frames now too, and 80% receivers for the Ruger 10/22 rifle, and probably other types I’m not aware of.

    • Ulrich Brasche III

      IIRC there’s one for the HK 91. expensive to finish tho.

      • Jeffersonian

        Of course there are also flat AKM receivers, sheetmetal, which require folding and some drilling. Not as “Lego”-convenient as an AR or 1911, but there is a community of Kalashnikov builders.

        • Ulrich Brasche III

          yep and spot welding. the “shovel AK” story introduced me to those.

  • Michel Van

    There Afganistan, Pakistan and Nepal blacksmiths
    who build from Scrap metal stuff like old muzzle-loaders over to modern Ak-47

    China has long tradition to copy and perfect things
    during the Qing dynasty they buy overpriced modern firearms from British
    the government gave them weapon smiths who startet to copy the weapons
    during Chinese Civil war allot of germans weapons were copy and produce this way

    The Belgium Town of Liege had in glorious times on each street corner a gunsmith
    The Kingdom had it hands full to check the guns for safety and give approval for sale
    The present day there only FN HERSTAL left,
    while Belgium got austere weapon law in world.
    For the moment the Illegal firearms market boomed in the Kingdom
    after Ministry of Justice there around 380000 modere assault rifle, machines gun
    and ANTI TANK weapon in circulation , mostly used by Islamic fighters and terrorist.
    Lucky the Belgium Federal police & Military got more firepower to fight that…

  • B-Sabre

    Be amazed and terrified. https://homemadeguns.wordpress.com

  • Uxi

    Guns are just not that complicated mechanically or chemically and can be easily made in a decently equipped garage and a little knowledge. Then there are things like the zip gun, etc.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    The I was deployed in Afghanistan, there was quite a bit of gun trafficking from Pakistan, not just surplus Soviet and Chinese gear but hand made replicas from various towns in the Afg/Pak border. Some of this was pretty incredible, like replica Soviet era 12.5 and 14.5mm HMG’s.

    Americans who think they can seize all firearms will need to seize pretty much every form of tool as well, these Pakistani replicas were done by smiths working largely with hand tools, not CAD-CAM equipment, CNC milling machines or 3D printing…….

    • Ulrich Brasche III

      I think it was a David Drake novel that pointed out, any civilization that can make an engine piston can make a machine gun-the tolerances on the machine gun are much looser. And anyone that can make a proper carburetor, can do all the small parts for WWII tech hardware all day long. BREN guns, the Thompson SMG, older BOFORs…

      • Thucydides_of_Athens

        So totally true. I agree with your other post that some of what we are seeing is probably “chop shop” or kit bashing parts from broken recovered weapons to make “new” guns. Some of the other stuff is more than likely outsourced (you don’t need to go farther than Islamabad to get a part electroplated or proper coil wound springs), but the major point our host is making is that it isn’t all that hard to set up firearms manufacturing.

        At the risk of too much digression, I will point out that Belgium (of all places) had a thriving “home workshop” firearms industry until WWII, and even though it ended up being the “worst” machine gun of all time, the M1915 CSRG (Chauchat) was specifically designed to be built in bicycle factories, so the gun grabbers will need to de industrialize America to an amazing extent to prevent anything resembling a modern firearm being built (and of course they will still need to deal with muskets and other pre industrial revolution firearms…)

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    thing is, some of these so called “homebuilds” like those shown in videos supposedly made in a cave in Afghanistan, have electroplated parts where there are no tanks shown, EDM cut springs, and all sorts of first world, electricity-intensive manufacturing techniques. Not to mention, some even tho built for “local insurgent” use even have the TRADES stamped in. I suspect what we see a lot of the times, is merely a “chop shop” type operation, removing serial numbers, etc for plausible deniability from large arms smugglers working direct with the manufacturers. An ak, sure. even a M4 series. But some of the fancy modern HKs? with even the grip stippling, and beadblasted finish? Not buying it.