Oct 132017

I’m looking to take quality screenshots, and I think the  online versions of the episodes would make for better image quality than screenshots from the DVD burner I use to record episodes. Fox has the episodes available online shortly after they air, but I can’t figure out how to download them to view them on something better than my dinky netbook.

Last nights episode, for example:



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  • George Allegrezza

    Excuse the dumb question, but do you have cable? If so, you ought to be able to stream the episode through the Fox app and I guess take a shot at downloading via the stream.

    • Scottlowther

      I’ve got DirecTV. It saves the episodes in high def, but I can’t get them off them directly onto a computer. The DirecTV box has USB ports, but they are non-functional (by DirecTV’s design).

      • se jones

        I hook my DirecTV DVR to the PC with an HDMI cable (I got a high end CAD graphics card with the HDMI) and I also have an HDMI to USB cable that works too. Sometimes I can watch programs on the PC and capture at will, other times I get all sorts of digital copy-write mumbo jumbo and it’s no-joy.

        Generally the HDMI out of the DVR is your best bet for PC capture.
        Always pop for the gold plated HDMI connectors, work much better -actually.

        If you go to Amazon they got all sorts of converters. For my garage TV, I had to get a digital RGB to analog RGB to coax / coax back to digital RGB. Works. Cost like $12.

        BTW fellow geeks: Radio Shack is closing most of its stores, so if you are lucky enough to live near one staying open (as in Boulder Colorado) those few remaining stores are selling all the excess inventory CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.

        • Scottlowther

          Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter. I presume some particular software is also involved?

          • se jones

            No, but I have NVIDIA Quadro cards in my puters and my DVR has two HDMI outs, so I sort of use my PCs and my flat screen TVs interchangeably, sometimes I do CAD design on the VIZIO and sometimes I watch TV on the laptop. Anyway, when TV is on puter I can just hit print screen (I use SnagIt) and with rez set to max the screen caps look good.

            Can’t capture video unless I do like you and record on my Panasonic DVD recorder (love that thing).

            Your DVR has to have at least ONE HDMI output, that’s what goes to your TV set. Try hooking that to you PC instead, again use an HDMI to USB converter cable if your puter ain’t got HDMI port.

            Newsletter is at discount for you.

            If there’s a Radio Shack in Salt Lake, get thee over there for cheap hardware.

  • Bill H

    There is a website with many suffixes called “putlocker.” Like putlocker.IS You can search it. It is where I have been watching STD. You can stop/start and use Snipping Tool to grab frames.

  • Allen Ury

    Scott: I added 19 more files to our shared Dropbox folder. Not a whole lot of ship exterior shots in this week’s episode, but a few offered some interesting details.

  • se jones

    This “world-ship” Orville episode & Isaac Arthur’s newest episode on von Neumann probe Android worlds from scratch (at 22:50) reminds me that I’ve come full circle, from “oh please, the galaxy full of humans all speaking English with recognizable, though perverse cultures…give me a break” TO …mmmmm well maybe so …oh what the hell, sit back and enjoy the show.

    But still, why the hell couldn’t MacFarlane give us a dystopian, messed up religious world-ship culture based on a MUSLIM(ish) culture for a change? Come on, a little equal time please.