Oct 072017

So after the Mandalay Bay Massacre, the usual pack of political ghouls are pushing for a ban on “military style assault weapons” (i.e. guns that function) and “high capacity (i.e. standard) magazines. But  they’re also going after bump stocks… simple bits of plastic that turn perfectly adequate semiautomatic rifles into high firing rate inaccurate bullet hoses. The usefulness of the latter for preventing future crimes is dubious. The sole purpose of a bump stock is to *legally* simulate full auto; if you want full auto and don’t care about legality, modifying your firearm is generally easy enough. Bump stocks just made it a little bit easier. If bump stocks suddenly vanished, criminals wanting full auto capability would simply modify their weapons some other way.

But if bump stocks went away and criminals decided they *really* wanted bump stocks, how hard would it be for them to make their own? As it turns out… not that hard.

3D printing could make Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s proposed ‘bump stock’ ban obsolete


Or even easier:

Which results in this:

These are just regular schmoes, making these things for the entertainment value. Imagine what actual criminals can do.

Or just wrap a rubber band around the trigger:

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  • Bob

    When the Liberals (a misnomer if there ever was one) finally get their way (and they will) and ban all fire arms just think of the new opportunities for the illegal weapons trade. Drugs are heavily regulated by the Federal Government and anyone can get any drug they want illegally. Illegal firearms and ammunition will be a trillion dollar business. Get in on the ground floor!

    • allen

      on that day, I’ll start making sten guns in my garage and hand them out to anyone who wants them.

  • gormanao gormanao

    I remember “Souvenir” Vietnam fully automatic M-16 breechblocks available from magazine ads. The ads had a definite “wink wink nudge nudge” air. I think the modification is actually pretty easy with a Harbor Freight milling machine.

    • TheRequimen

      You can buy almost every single part needed to make a AR-15 fully automatic online. Only things you need to get is a lower reciever, and take a drill press or drill and punch some holes in it. Assemble.

      • Nh_flier

        And go to jail for 20 years if you get caught. No new civilian automatic weapons since 1986, and there’s a catalog of all transferable or dealer sample full-auto firearms. If you show up with an AR-15 lower receiver whose serial number is not on the list, or that has no serial number, the Feds can (and most likely will) throw the book at you. Hard.

        • Scottlowther

          That’s why “ghost guns” are the way to go. If you want your very own fully automatic money-spewing bullet hose, make your own. In the more civilized states, it’s perfectly legal to do so; you only get in trouble if you try to transfer that weapon.

          With the rise of things like the Ghost Gunner CNC mill that can turn an 80% “blank” into a full lower receiver (with, no doubt, some considerable hand finishing required), we’re getting closer to the day when anyone can simply crank out their own firearms. In civilized regions, there’s certainly no law against doing that.


          • publiusr

            In terms of the Vegas shooting–I think we may have seen an upper limit. He had about 50 weapons or so–so that’ is about 1 death and ten injuries per weapon. Outside of military mini-guns–nothing has really come close to all those ground level, water cooled, belt-fed guns from WW!

            That would have been a real horror.

        • TheRequimen

          Oh, I know. I know all about constructive possession too.

  • Unsubscriber

    If it is illegal to own/posses or use a bump stop and that law is enforced (something I note is sadly lacking in the US about firearms control legislation) strongly, then the item will be drive underground and out of the reach of most gun idiots.

    • Scottlowther

      > law is enforced (something I note is sadly lacking in the US about firearms control legislation)

      You should see how poorly enforced the immigration laws are.

      > out of the reach of most gun idiots

      “Gun idiots?” You mean the kind of people who don’t know the difference between semiautomatics and fully automatics, and who call “magazines” “clips?” Yeah, screw those idiots. but they were unlikely to do much bump stock purchasing in the first place.

      • Unsubscriber

        > “Gun idiots?” You mean the kind of people who don’t know the difference
        between semiautomatics and fully automatics, and who call “magazines”
        “clips?” Yeah, screw those idiots. but they were unlikely to do much
        bump stock purchasing in the first place.

        I mean “Gun Idiots” who believe they should not have to obey the laws as they are writ.

        • allen

          (taken from the book “unintended consequences” by john ross.)

          There are a lot of promises in the Constitution, but only one thing guarantees these promises: The Second Amendment.A large number of people in America believe that honest adults have a fundamental right, which they possess by merely drawing breath, to buy, sell, borrow, own, transport, carry, lend, or give away whatever small arms they want without any restrictions whatsoever. It does not matter to them how long the buttstock is, whether there are threads on the barrel, how many shots the gun holds, or what date the gun was made.

          To these people, murder, robbery, and assault are made no more or less despicable by dint of the instrument used. A knife-wielding murderer should receive no less punishment nor less speedy trial than one who uses a gun.

          These people believe government has no more authority to restrict their gun rights than it has the right to ban the sale of automated printing presses. For years, these people have grudgingly submitted to ever more ludicrous measures, and then been vilified as fanatics any time they tried to say “enough!” Most importantly, when these people disobey these laws they so detest, they do not believe they are doing anything wrong.

          The printing press parallel is not made idly; If you want to really understand these people, imagine your reaction if the government enacted the same laws on books as it has on guns. What if the government required every book to have a serial number? What if it were a felony for any person to sell a book at a profit without a federal license? What if anyone (except government agents) who bought a book from a federally-licensed book dealer had to fill out a federal form listing his name, address, and the book’s serial number, then wait five days before taking possession? What if anyone (except government agents) who wanted a book under a certain size had to pay a $200 federal tax, get fingerprinted and photographed, and wait months for government approval, and the penalty for non-compliance was 10 years and $10,000? What if it were a felony for anyone (except government agents) to buy or sell books whose pages were made out of anything other than a specific type of paper? What if some states made it a felony (except for government agents) to buy more than one book a month, and banned outright (except to government agents) books with more than a certain number of pages? What if it was a common occurrence for government agents to destroy someone’s house, seize all his property, and imprison him for suspected violations of these book laws? What if government agents planted banned books in people’s homes and shot the citizens or burned them alive?

          You may think this comparison is crazy, and that is your privilege. Like it or not, however, millions of intelligent, rational people think guns are exactly the same as books. Any gun? you ask. What about an atomic bomb? Should the people have those? The Federalist Papers discussed this very issue. Freedom will always be assured if the people have the same basic arms as are issued to a soldier in a modern military. In 1789, that was muskets but not field pieces. Two centuries later, it’s Ml6s, not nukes. Prior to June of 1934, the federal government understood this.

          Who are these people that hold such radical beliefs? Not white supremacists. State antigun laws took root in the Jim Crow era after the Civil War. White supremacists want to strengthen their hold over hated minorities, not diminish it.

          Nor are these people conspiracy theorists. They don’t think the world is run by the Trilateral Commission—they know it is all but impossible to get a half-dozen egotists to agree on anything, let alone keep their mouths shut about it. They know there was no huge conspiracy when General Douglas MacArthur burned indigent WWI vets out of their D.C. camp in 1932. No secret ‘master plan’ when U.S. government doctors conducted radiation experiments on unwitting citizens in the 1940’s, and gave poor blacks with syphillis a placebo so that they could be the ‘control’ group in a VD experiment. No complex plot when the Philadelphia mayor dropped a bomb on some irritating residents and burned ten square blocks of his city to the ground in 1985. No overarching scheme when federal agents killed an Idaho man’s wife and son (over the length of a shotgun buttstock) in 1992, or burned eighty citizens alive over a $200 tax in 1993.

          These events were all simply powerful government officials exercising that power the way they wanted to. The people who view guns like you view books understand this. They understand Lord Acton’s simple, fundamental truth: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Those in power will always try to maintain and increase that power, and try to crush anyone who challenges it.

          The Constitution may enumerate the areas where the government has no authority to pass laws, but many legislators think a 51% majority vote negates any basic human right. Americans want to live in a free society. ATF jails them, seizes their property, and even kills them over things that do not merit even a one dollar fine. We have made millions of reasonable citizens realize they have nothing left to lose.

          • Unsubscriber

            You lot live with the consequences. It appears you value your personal freedom than the life of a single human being. Your nation is not civilised. It is a Wild West society, where every person needs to be armed to the teeth to venture out of doors, where you must shoot before you are shot, where you must kill your neighbours or be killed first.

          • allen

            have you actually BEEN to america? you really don’t understand this country at all. the entire point of america is personal freedom. the only part of the country that is a “wild west” are the liberal inner cities. and even then, “wild west” isn’t an appropriate description.


            exclude a few of our large cities, and you’re safer here than all of europe.