Oct 062017

I have a number of new aerospace cyanotype blueprints available. Until I can repave the catalog page, I have slapped together a PDF catalog of the new items. Until Wednesday, I’m making these new 12X18 prints, as well as the earlier 12X18 prints, available. The earlier 12X18s are viewable HERE. The new items are in the following PDF file:

Cyan catalog addition 2017-10

If any are of interest, Paypal to the email address in the PDF file, and add a note in the order which items you want…. AND what your mailing address is (PayPal doesn’t automatically add the address to payments like this).

After Wednesday the prints will be again unavailable for a little bit while I retool and work on some things.

UPDATE: over for now. After some retooling I hope to have all the cyanotypes, small and large old and new, available for regular sale.

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  • Herp McDerp

    Regarding Cyan 42: Apollo 11 plaque … I’ve always wondered whether that was the plaque that really went to the Moon. Having Nixon’s signature on it bothered me, and I’ll bet it bothered a lot of people at NASA, too … especially since it was known that Nixon was not a fan of continuing the Apollo program after a successful landing.

    I would love it if a future visit to the Apollo 11 landing site revealed that the plaque didn’t have Nixon’s signature on it; better still if it had a quote from John F. Kennedy … perhaps this one from his speech at Rice University: We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won
    and used for the progress of all people.