Oct 042017

The pilot episode, as discussed, did not inspire. And by making the rest of the season unavailable for me to watch, CBS hasn’t gone out of their way to make me want to catch up on the show.

However… according to this video, the show *may*actually wind up being something I would actually want to see. According to the theory, the USS Discovery doesn’t work so much for Starfleet, as for Section 31.

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  • Knigh26

    Using my typical means around the pay wall, I have seen the first three episodes. Were this not Star Trek, or were not a prequel, or were labelled a reboot (which it is) the show might be redeemable. I understand this theory as well and some good things did happen in Ep 3, but more problems arose too. Namely the new form of FTL the ship is developing and the fate of the sister ship. Canon be damned I guess.

    • Barmaglot

      I will be very much surprised if the whole ‘mushroom drive’ thing doesn’t turn out to be a bald-faced lie on Lorca’s part. It’s too ridiculous even for Trek.

  • Randino

    So Section 31’s weapon turns the lizardy/insectile STD-era Klingons into a race more human (ST-TOS)–then they “get better”–so becoming the less humanoid (but not all the way back to “lizard/insectile”) Klingons seen in the Next Gen universe. Still doesn’t explain Kahless and the other “early” Klingons of canon who are clearly different from the STD ones. (…but who can successfully breed with HUMANS!!! STD indeed.)

    • publiusr

      She reminds me of (sheriff) David Clarke. I wonder why the conservatives hated on Discovery at all.

  • Uxi

    At this rate, I won’t be watching it for a few years. I waited about 4 or 5 years for Enterprise. It was mostly dreadful until the last season, when they started looking at TOS aspects like the Tellarites and Andorians all getting together.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Frankly this entire Star Trek thing is turning into a giant yawn. Basing the story (maybe) on an obscure reference in a secondary spinoff series and ignoring canon (or trying to retrocon things which simply don’t fit in any way, shape or form); I really don’t care much at this point, and there is nothing to entice me to pay them to watch. I might change my mind if they were to pay me to watch, but I’m not holding my breath.