Sep 292017

In the animal world, predators are almost always smarter than herbivores. This makes sense, evolutionarily… you don;t need to be all that smart to sneak up on a leaf, after all. There are of course exceptions… elephants are reasonably bright. But stacks a rabbit against a cat, or a deer against a wolf, or an Aurox against a Cro Magnon… the vegetarians is going to come out on the losing end of the who’s smarter” scale.

The same seems to apply within species as well. Take, for example, this group of vegans who decided to stop a fully loaded semi truck by jumping out in front of it while it was in motion. As any meat eating  engineer will be able to tell you, even if the truck driver wanted to stop, these things don’t stop on a dime.


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  • FelixA9

    I thought these were going to be freeway antics. So disappoint.

  • AndrewN

    I often wonder what the vegi/vegan contingent think will happen if they successfully manage to make meat eating illegal (or at least unpopular). Farmers with herds of beef cattle, sheep, chickens, pigs will not maintain that livestock, it will be the wholesale slaughter of animals that they are trying to save and possibly the eradication of a number of species of animals bred for food. In short, a holocaust.

    • Scottlowther

      Yup. Land-based food critters are essentially immune from extinction, barring some amazing plague. Sea-based food critters, however, look likely to go the way of the rational campus leftist. I guess the difference is that cows and chickens are *private* *property,* while schools of fish in the sea suffer the tragedy of the commons.

      Once again, the solution is simple: massive geoengineering efforts. Build great big artificial seas on the land and stock with food-fish.

      • James

        Actually there was a man a few years ago ho loaded a plane with pellets of iron. Dumped them in the ocean. The Iron feeds the plankton which grew enormously and led to a massive amount of fish that year.

        The people in power hated it of course.

      • Brianna

        There are people working on electric water fences for fish farms. Could be that eventually we’ll see vast ranges of water fenced off the way we currently do so on land, complete with unmanned sub herding drones.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Imagine if the tried that at highway speeds….the term you’re looking for is roadkill.

  • Peter Hanely

    Now watch the injured party try to sue the driver.

    On a related note, It’s difficult to have complete nutrition in a strict vegetarian diet. And one symptom of the protein deficiency can be lowered intelligence. Though the political illness infecting vegetarian activists seems to reduce intelligence by itself.