Sep 282017

There is a time and a place for most things. Kneeling during the National Anthem as a form of protest… it can be insulting, but so long as it’s in a venue where the people who feel insulted can withdraw their finances from you, that’s fine. But you know where such form of protest *isn’t* appropriate? Let’s take a look…


There is question about just what’s going on here. The origin of the photo itself is a bit of a mystery… it’s entirely possible that this occurred *before* the current obsession by tattooed millionaires for “taking a knee,” maybe he’s just typing his shoe, etc. But if it is what it looks like – intentionally disrespecting dead soldiers – then it’s monumental jackassery.



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  • allen

    people are trying to say it’s a veteran trying to show respect. BULL. I was there less than 2 weeks ago and saw the changing of the guard. they specifically say to “stand out of respect”

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    In the case of the NFL, the league is somewhat insulated because they already have long term contracts with the networks for broadcast rights.

    So if you want to fight back, take the fight to the networks. Specifically, start boycotting advertisers and let then know why you are doing so. When the Networks feel the pain of their expensive congrats becoming worthless, they will either pressure the NFL to put an end to this nonsense, or they will pull the plug.

    This is a culture war, and people urinating on the symbols of America are doing so deliberately and pretty much daring you to stop them. Well there are ways to *stop* them without resorting to Brownshirt tactics. The SJW’s won’t like what they have unleashed, but they decided to “Sow the wind”, and now can “Reap the whirlwind….”

    • Siergen

      But those long term contracts are based on a 1961 exemption to anti-trust regulations. I would be very surprised if the contracts didn’t have an escape clause in case Congress were to remove the anti-trust exemption…

      • Thucydides_of_Athens

        Maybe, but we can’t wait for the Congress to act

  • Unsubscriber

    So much for the belief in Freedom of Speech and Protest. Protest is meant to annoy, its what it’s definition is. He is entitled to voice his opinions, however he likes, where he likes. Out of respect, most people wouldn’t do it there but hey, it’s his Freedom, now isn’t it? It’s what the USA was founded on. I’m sure the British asked the Tea Party people in Boston to respect their property while they were throwing it in the harbour…

    • Scottlowther

      > He is entitled to voice his opinions, however he likes, where he likes.

      As are those who think he’s a jackass. Are you opposed to *their* freedom of speech and protest?

      Nobody in this thread is suggesting that he should be arrested. But I can easily see people say that he should be mocked.

      • publiusr

        I blame Tim Tebow–he started the whole thing–but for a different reason 😉