Sep 242017

So, Star Trek Discovery plopped onto the airwaves tonight. My review:

It was certainly pretty, but all those visuals were spoiled by a whole lot of “WTF am I looking at?” Especially with the “Klingons” who bore almost no relationship to any prior iteration of the Klingons, in biology, aesthetics or culture. Heck, they even have Klingons  hating on other Klingons based on skin color, something that has *never* been indicated before. And of course they have cloaking devices, ten years before the Romulans invented the friggen’ things.

And Star Fleet bridge officers who attack other officers and try to mutiny. Yeah, sure, happens all the damn time in Starfleet. The rest of the story just didn’t really inspire much interest.

The first episode ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Of course if you want to watch the second episode and those beyond, you’re supposed to pay up for the CBS All Access streaming service. But the episode left me cold, no more interested in shelling out to stream the episodes than before I saw it. So…

At least there’s still “The Orville,” a show that actually seems to get Star Trek.

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  • Edohiguma

    Well, its abbreviation is generally thrown around as STD.

    Quite fitting.

    • Edohiguma

      So I saw the first episode, which was meh.

      The second episode was absolute rubbish. So much nonsense in it, such bad writing. And that space battle, holy crap. What is this? The 1970s with low budget?

      • Scottlowther

        So did you pay up for the CBS All Access, or did you catch it on non-US Netflix?

        • Knigh26

          I watched it through my usual means of getting around the paywalls. Good old watchseries

  • Knigh26

    My thoughts on the show.
    Call a spade a spade, it is a reboot.
    While there are some redeeming qualities to the show, it is bogged down by massive inconsistencies in the writing and designs. While many of the props are nice homages to TOS designs, and the new Batleth actually looks functional (it’s naginata with extra blades) the ship designs fit no known trek era. The Klingon ships follow none of the traditional design cues and the Federations ships look like they belong post Next-Gen, with many having rectangular or hexagonal nacelle cross sections and saucers that do not fit the TOS or pre-TOS design ethos.
    Then there are serious writing issues.
    The characters make decisions that do not fit their character.
    A spacesuit that can propel the wearer in excess of 15000KPH with no side effects.
    Taking a capital ship to (maximum) 500 ft AGL and then teleporting personnel aboard.
    Full body holograms that interact with the environment.
    In short, a lot of sloppy writing, and tech issues that push it out of the timeframe it is supposed to take place in. Call a spade a spade, it’s another reboot, and it’s not off to a great start.

    • Scottlowther

      > massive inconsistencies in the writing

      Oh, come now. How can you possible argue that a show has writing inconsistencies when it has such brilliant details as “nobody has encountered the Klingons for a hundred years” and “our main characters parents were killed in a massive Klingon attack on an important outpost a decade ago?” Or “the Vulcans hammered out a peace treaty with the Klingons centuries ago, and now the Klingons don’t bother the Vulcans anymore” while at the same time “that outpost the Klingons bombed a decade back? Vulcan.”

      Or “Our main character was raised by Vulcans and now she’s a whole lot like them” and “she’s so Vulcan that she acts impulsively and illogically at every turn?”

      You say “writing inconsistency.” CBS says “clearly you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe.”

      • Herp McDerp

        Bingo! The people who perpetrate this series will explain the low ratings:

        have a great show here! If the stupid, homophobic, racist, sexist fans
        could just overcome their irrational prejudices, they would appreciate
        it! It’s all their fault — we’re too good for them!”

        • Scottlowther

          FYI… according to Rotten Tomaters:
          STD: critics 84%, audience 66%
          ST: Orville: critics 20%, audience 89%

          According to IMDB:
          STD: 7.3/10
          STO: 7.5/10

          So far, Orville is slightly edging out Discovery in terms of audience scoring, though the critics love the D while disparaging the O.

          Dunno about actual ratings. Could be a bajillion people are watching STD an only 13 of us are watching STO.

          • Peter Hanely

            My impression is that Orville officially isn’t startrek, which allows it to be free of the insanity that has apparently infected the current trademark holders of startrek.