Sep 192017

Both US Launch Vehicles Projects #04 and US Bomber Projects #20 (XB-59 Special) are done and in the editing phase. I’m hoping to have them ready in the next few days.

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  • George Allegrezza

    In color no less. And Boeing Beta too.

  • Kopis

    Wondering if US Bomber Projects #20 contains some details of the XAB-1 Atomic Bomber. Semi-educated guess is it was a proprietary project for Fantastic-Plastic.

    Missed out on purchasing the model; too little, too late….state of affairs happening more often than desired. Not interested in plunking down $180.00 + on infrequent ebay auctions for one.

    Doing searches for XAB-1 and following various links led to finding this corner of the Internet…

    • Scottlowther

      The XAB-1 model I did for FP was a re-scaled version of the Aurora model kit from ~60 years ago. Pure imagination on the part of the Aurora kit designers.

  • Kopis

    Large thanks for the reply. Your work on up scaling the Fantastic-Plastic model looked to be first rate. s No wonder you get paid the big bucks. /s 🙂

    Our memories differ a bit; my recollection is the model was produced by Hawk Models from the late 50s to mid 60s (subject to detail errors). The original scale was an oddball 1/188th. Damn parasite fighter’s nose tip would easily break/fall off. Interesting fantasy model though.

    • Scottlowther

      Yup, it was Hawk. Been a little bit of a while since I did that one.