Sep 182017

So, the Nancy Pelosi Life Model Decoy was trying to have a press conference about DACA when it was invaded by a group of Borg drones who want to legalize *all* illegal aliens. You can tell that the PelosiLMD hadn’t been programmed on how to respond to having her own natural constituency come and shout her down. Their problem was that Pelosi & Co. aren’t doing enough to eliminate all of Americans borders and immigration laws.

Honestly, there are few things more downright entertaining that watching a hive-mind go after a robot.

You wacky kids keep it up! Let the American public get a really good look at what you are and what you want.



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  • James

    You know when someone just shouts at you as loudly as they can it makes it obvious they can’t and wont listen and don’t want you to speak.