Sep 182017

When your movement takes up the challenge of trashing libraries, you’ve lost the argument.

Protests over Stockley verdict leave behind property damage


Businesses in Central West End clean up after protests

The St. Louis Public Library’s Schlafly Branch had a number of windows smashed and books tossed. Not clear how much damage was done, but intentionally damaging a library is not exactly an action that has a history of glory.

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  • allen

    don’ nobuddy have time fo’ readin. that’s the trap that white peepl lay for us. we waits for tha moovie!

    • Bill2

      Oh, dear. You don’t think that the protestors might be fed up with waiting for both the real history to be written and for it to be portrayed in a movie. I wonder, did you ever see “Mississippi Burning”? Loads of white people, all denying what other white people did to other white people who just wanted to protest against the ill treatment of black people.

      • allen

        I seriously doubt any of the people who busted the windows in the library can read over a 3rd grade level..or even knew it was a library in the first place. having never been inside, how would they know?

        and that’s black or white or hispanic or purple people from the moon. most of the protesters a)aren’t from there and b)aren’t black.

        • allen

          so property damage = free speech? give me your address, I want to go smash your mailbox for being an idiot. free speech, right?

          how would someone bused in from somewhere else know it was a library? and if they came from somewhere else, would they care? not their library after all, right?

          people can voice whatever opinion they like. but that does not extend to property damage. even more so if the property damage is to a building that has ZERO to do with your protest. got a problem with XYZ mart? fine…it’s not an excuse to smash their windows, but at least you’re venting in the right direction.

          can you tell me what the link is between the windows of the library, and some heroin dealer getting shot for being a jackass? I’d really like to know what the connection is there. because I don’t see it.

          • Unsubscriber

            Some “Heroin Dealer” had rights to a fair trial before the police shot him. Just as do the protestors protesting about his extra-judicial execution. Just because they smashed a few windows and hurt a few books does not negate that, any more than that “Heroin Dealer” dealing drugs does.

          • Scottlowther

            Everyone has the right to a fair trial. But then, everyone also has the right to shoot a bad guy in self defense if the situation calls for it. And “everyone” includes cops. And it seems that in this case the judicial system determined that the cops were shooting in proper self defense.

            While there are of course bad cops in the world, one really good way to avoid getting shot by one in the US is to *not* try to shoot one. They take a dim view of that.

          • publiusr

            I think cops rely on guns too often. Much better to wait for this tech to mature:
            –so you can just rip the suspects arm off.

          • allen

            yup, he HAD a right to a fair trial..and then he surrendered that right when he threatened another person with death. if he had chose to actually exercise his right to a fair trial, he would have ceased all hostile action, allowed himself to be taken into custody, and awaited said trial.

            instead he chose to drive into an occupied police car..twice…and when ordered to stop he took off and drove over 80 MPH on small city streets. when finally stopped he reached for a handgun. then the cop shot him.

            play stupid games, win high velocity copper jacketed lead. it’s a simple enough equation.

            and you’re still not making any sort of connection between the library and the shooting. did the cop work there? did the staff at the library do something that aggravated the situation? it’s unrelated to any of this, and someone chose to smash the windows just to hear the noise. and smashing windows is not free speech, no matter how you try to justify it.

        • allen

          still waiting on that link between a heroin dealer getting shot and the windows of a library.

        • allen

          yup, still waiting….look if you got nothing then at least say so.

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