Sep 172017

… I’d give these guys a shot.

See, there are two ways that a modern company can deal with politics: either avoid it like the plague and hope to offend nobody, or dive headlong into it, *knowing* that they will offend and drive away half the market, but trusting that they will succeed on the *other* half of the market. These guys seem to have chosen the latter approach.

These would, I imagine, trigger our local Aussie-commie gunphobia fetishists. But… screw ’em. Guns, despite what the civilian disarmament fascists would have you believe, are *fun.* So a coffee company that shows its employees having fun with guns? Awesome.




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  • allen

    the guy on the back of the dune buggy with the flamethrower is omar “crispy” avila

  • Herp McDerp

    You were in aerospace engineering and you didn’t drink coffee? How did you survive?

    • Scottlowther

      It seems I didn’t.

  • Bill2

    Oh, dear. Coffee? Terrible stuff. Not sufficient caffeine in it for my tastes. I much prefer Tea. Guns? Loads of fun I’m sure but like running with scissors, someone is bound to end up hurt eventually. Makes me wonder if Americans should be considered adults or children, really.

    • KellyFromMesquite

      Bill2, are you sharing your feelings? I don’t care!
      Scott, these are the guys that answered Starf%#*s ridiculous boast that they were hiring 100k illegal immigrants with the pledge to hire only vets. Plus, the “Just Black” roast is scrumpdillicious.

    • allen

      if your country doesn’t trust you with guns, they don’t actually trust you. you think you’re an adult, but you’re really just graduated to a bigger daycare.

      enjoy your government-issue naptime and binky, the adults are going to the range.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens


    I’m going to the website right now to see if they’ll ship to Canada……..