Sep 162017

Venezuela’s dreams are dying

Some basics:

Socialism: the state controls the means of production.

Communism: the state owns everything.

Nanny/welfare state: could be free market capitalist, fascist, socialist, communist.

Venezuela has been pursuing socialism since Chavez; the state nationalized not only Venezuelan oil companies but *foreign* oil companies (and people act surprised when foreign investment dried up). The state has put price controls on things like food and toilet paper… prices *below* the cost of production (and people act surprised when people stopped making and selling those things). The state decided to create a massive welfare state to raise the standard of living of the truly, shockingly poor… by nationalizing everything, confiscating wealth and making enemies of businesspeople and people act surprised that the wealthy and skilled of the Venezuela have been leaving the country in droves).





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  • Michel Van

    The first video deal with Socialism as Threat as ultimate Evil
    It’s not fault of Socialism, it’s just a ideology
    The Guilty are the people who use Socialism as excuse to screw things up badly.

    In case of Venezuela, East Germany, the entire East block and USSR.
    They had ideologist at control of country economy, not economists and financier.
    What it happen, wenn you put someone that has no clue on Matter at controls ?
    you crash it !

    East Germany was in so bad shape in 1989, it just imploded during several days.
    and several months later it became part of West Germany
    A Nation that embrace “social democracy” with free economy
    also China that labels there State as “Socialism” but got also with free economy.

    Another bad example is Belgium “social democracy Monarchy” (self-contradictory)
    They have no ideologist at control, but corrupt clerks and politicians
    like Socialist Parties of belgium who are nothing more then Crime syndicates !
    Actual case ist former mayor of Brussels, Socialist Yvan Mayeur
    He embezzled money for relief organization for Poorest and Homeless of city of Brussels.

    A Socialist stealing the money from poorest and Homeless…

  • Bob

    Coming soon to a country near you.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    If only F.A.Hayek was taught in schools. His essay on the Local Knowledge problem outlined why socialism is mathematically impossible (although that may be the exact reason it is never taught in schools….)