Sep 122017

Now this is interesting. We all (to certain limited definitions of “all”) remember the original movie trailer for the first “Spiderman” movie that ends with a helicopter caught in a web strung between the Twin Towers, and how that scene vanished after the events of 9/11. But it turns out that the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch” also underwent some serious revisions. And I guess I can see how the original version would have come off at least as tone-deaf after 9/11.


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  • James

    This is a perfect example. The problem isn’t the right or the left its the bastion of retards who while not really having any real political connection to a ideology because it is the IN thing at the time they go whole hog and demand the world conform to them. This includes hiding things they find distasteful or scary.

    These are the people who bring tyrants, Nazies, and communist to power.