Sep 102017

An item currently on eBay:

Guided Missile Cut Away Model Prototype General Dynamics ISAS Diehl Airplane 158

A display model of…something. A seeker head for some sort of missile, seemingly. Missile defense, perhaps? Or perhaps it’s part of a payload to be fixed to an aircraft, some sort of sensor?




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  • Paul451

    Scaling it by the circuit boards, I’d say a radar guidance system for the nose of a bomb. The cone would be where it snugs onto the warhead-proper. (GB suggests bomb not missile.)

  • Randino

    GB as in “Glide Bomb”? That would seem to date it back to the 60’s? Shape of the nose “insert” for the bomb (?) looks like it could be a low-drag form factor…maybe a Vietnam-era Mk-81 250-pounder?

  • sferrin

    Actually looks similar to the nose of a Paveway nose assembly. Maybe it was an early mockup/test configuration?

  • Garrai

    What is it? A bunch of scrap PWBs sawn in circles and stacked to fit in the acrylic tube. The antenna looks like parts left over from a laboratory millimeter wave project and thrown in for effect. It was probably used to impress politicians during a dog and pony show or walking tour.