Sep 102017

Gumball Waterson.

“The Amazing World of Gumball,” as mentioned hereabouts before, is a stealthily smart show. It has touched on subjects such as the safety-fascists and cosmic horror, even did a parody of “The Omen,” which is generally not fodder for kids cartoons. *Most* of the jokes that approach political subjects are usually fairly subtle. However, the most recent episode, “The Best,” rather suddenly came out with straight-up parodying of Social Justice Warriors, calling them out by name. A brilliant takedown of the Tumblr culture of tolerance via personal destruction.

A copy of the full episode:

In the end, the SJW smackdown was really pretty tame… but pretty predictably a bunch of SJWs were less than thrilled to be mocked even for a second.


There was a time when the Simpsons could be relied upon for some handy smacks against political correctness:

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