Sep 082017

Everything about Star Trek: Discovery has screamed “trainwreck.” But this latest nugget tells me that the people behind the show are actively trying to sabotage it. Is it possible that at some point the producers of the show realized they had a disaster and rather than going to the considerable expense of scrapping and retooling, or just plain scrapping, they decided to make it an unwinnable suckfest? Is there some Hollywood-advantage in making it so bad that the studio pulls the plug with extreme prejudice?

New Star Trek show has modeled its Klingons on TRUMP supporters and ‘racial purity is a big theme’

Who actually thinks that insulting approximately half your potential audience is a good idea… especially when you have to convince that audience to *pay* to see your show?


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  • Nick Gaston

    Well, it depends…on the one hand, this would be a quick way of scuttling a clunker show, AND being able to claim some kind of moral superiority/persecution points in the process (“those mouth-breathing troglodytes sabotaged the series by not watching it!”).

    But on the gripping hand, this would also require current Hollywood-types to have some measure of introspection, self-awareness, and pre-planning ability. And I’m just not sure that they *have* enough to go with a “go with a crappy adaptation that no one wants, no one likes the look of, calls at least half the potential audience an asshole, and then charge them extra for the privilege of watching it” plan with anything other than complete earnestness.

    A third option, though: most or all of the “Klingons are Trump Supporter Allegories” is just marketing fluff they’re bolting on after the fact, in hopes of snaring a clutch of audience members who’d imagine they’re Sticking It To The Man(™) by watching and Liking(™) the show, and who’d project or make up Trump connections whether they’re actually there or not.

    (“You see how the Klingons publicly display the mummy of their Dear Leader, sink so many resources into rickety superweapons that they’re suffering from famine, and Starfleet has to keep a huge military presence tied down on the demilitarized Neutral Zone separating them from Klingon space since the last war ended with an extended armistice? That’s CLEARLY represents fetishizing the Founding Fathers, overfunding the Air Force drone program at the expense of welfare, and building the Border Wall!”)

    • Ed

      “Roll left and die”.

      Sarah Hoyt had a nice essay on it a year or two ago.

  • Jon Risque

    Is it insured?

    • Peter Hanely

      Insurance companies should tend to want to audit the books if they’re on the hook for a failing venture. Presuming the insurer is dumb enough to insure against something as nebulous as “business failure”. Any variant of the Producers scam depends on the suckers just walking away without examining financials.

  • lesbates

    Those idiots (the producers) couldn’t run a rural McDonald’s on a slow day.

  • Herp McDerp

    Scott, you may have discovered the secret: Hollywood accounting.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    So they can virtue signal while they go down in flames. In a hard left bastion like the Hollywood entertainment industry, that may actually be a winning formula.