Aug 312017

Just *imagine* the media coverage if the color values were reversed in this story…

‘Kill all white people’: Suspect in killings of five white men made threat in 2014

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  • gormanao gormanao

    Lots of crazy people out there with a constitutional right to bear arms. Happened before, will happen again. Got a problem with that “comrade”?

    • Scottlowther

      Yes, I do. Paranoid schizophrenics should in many, perhaps most, cases be institutionalized.

  • Bob

    I agree with him. I hate white people.

    • sferrin

      Good for you, racist.

      • Bob

        I am white. Everybody who ever shit on me is white. Which is not to say people of color are any better than white people. It’s just they haven’t had a crack at me yet because I’ve lived in a mainly white world. Maybe I’m just misanthropic.

        • Scottlowther

          > Maybe I’m just misanthropic.

          And that’s fine, and there’re lots of valid arguments to back up that worldview.

          However, in my view the world would be a lot better place if people would adopt the philosophy I expressed nearly a quarter century ago while arguing with a black supremacist at Iowa State (at least in the early 90’s there were a substantial number of black supremacists in central Iowa… go figure):

          “I don’t hate you because you’re black. I hate you because you’re an asshole.