Aug 312017

Remember how Trump caused a ruckus by saying that there were troublemakers on “both sides?” And how a whole lot of people started screeching that one side was the Nazis, and the other side was the “anti-hate” peaceful protesters?

Yeah, about that:

Everywhere a Battlefield

The link is a perfect example of TL:DR, but it basically boils down to “Lenin, Stalin and Mao were Teh Awesome, an we need to follow in their footsteps and bring bloodshed to the streets.” The “Red Guards Austin is an autonomous Marxist-Leninist-Maoist collective based in Austin, TX.”

So keep in mind: yes, on one side you have people who think the Nazis were great. The Nazis, who killed something like 20 million people. On the other side, you have people who think the Commies were great. The Commies, who murdered a hundred million people and who pointed nuclear weapons at *us.*



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  • Herp McDerp

    And they’re so proud of their beliefs that they wear masks so people can’t identify them.

    On the other hand, if their “struggle” ever turns into a shooting war, those bright red targets will make things very easy for their opponents. Just aim for the hammer and sickle …

    • sferrin

      I think it’s more that they’re cowardly roaches than they’re ashamed of their beliefs. (I doubt they have the moral compass required to feel shame at anything.)

      • Ulrich Brasche III

        they don’t want mommy or daddy finding out and cutting their trust fund

  • allen

    I count 19 of them. I doubt any of them has seen combat, or even real military training. they’re probably so deep into communism they don’t even have ranks or a command structure.

    the whole mess will disintegrate the first time someone shoots at them.

  • Jason Miller

    As long as the commies and Nazis only fight each other, I’m rooting for casualties.

    Problem is they probably won’t just fight each other.

    • Peter Hanely

      Not nearly enough real Nazis to keep the Commies busy.

  • Ulrich Brasche III

    more definition of “white privilege”. white kids thinking their outrage about things is more important than other’s feelings. Every group of these idiots is entitled white kids who expect news coverage because they’re “woke” more than anyone who actually lives with any sort of problems. Life is so easy they gotta find problems of others to take on.

  • Tamara Keel

    Christ, I’d forgotten how verbose campus Reds are.

    • Scottlowther

      It’s a tactic. They can’t convince rational people through the logic of their argument, so they carpet bomb you with blather in the hopes of simply beating you down.

      • staghounds

        Actually read it, it’s mostly blather with some pretty good observation.

        I’m stealing “…activism becomes just another sensible business complete with paid staff
        doing their best to prove to their ruling-class bosses that they can
        effectively manage the riffraff.”

        “What are these Mensheviks’ pastimes? The petit-bourgeois youth who make
        up the majority of the revisionist movement spend their hours in sleek
        coffeehouses, vegan restaurants, and other cultural venues where
        working-class youths are not welcome and cannot afford.”

        “The revisionist legal left parrots these anti-masses notions. They make
        anti–working class jokes, looking down on the populations of small towns
        and popular neighborhoods, seeing these masses as crass or irredeemably
        backward. They pride themselves on a style of dress that increases the
        visual distance between themselves and the working class. The tireless
        blaming of smaller-town masses for Trump; the association of enjoying
        wrestling, football, NASCAR, swap meets, or parking lot car shows with
        ignorance; and an aversion to martial arts and firearms—these are all
        rooted in anti-masses sentiment.”

        ” Every working-class person has experienced violence at some point in
        their life, whether in the streets, at school, at work, or at the hands
        of the police. The petite bourgeoisie on the other hand can often live
        full lives into adulthood or old age without ever encountering violence
        directly. For them violence is an aberration, an unfortunate random
        circumstance that happened to the wrong person.”

      • Michael Sage

        Also known as argumentum ad tl;dr.

      • jhertzli

        According to Olivia de Havilland, Calvin Trillin, and my father (there was an attempted Communist takeover of a college club he belonged to), a common Communist tactic was to extend meetings until everybody else got bored and went home and they could vote for their agenda.

  • Aesop

    Recheck your source.
    That’s a partial Photoshop.
    And not even a very good one.

    Not that the greater point isn’t still true, but a fake photo is still a fake.
    There are doubtless good enough real ones to illustrate things.

    • Scottlowther

      Photoshop or not, it’s the photo that the “Red Guards” themselves used on their website:


  • Griz Hebert