Aug 302017

Don’t tell me you don’t want one:

(Oddly this vid doesn’t want to embed in the post)


I can think of two ways to improve upon this full-scale Messerschmit Me 163 Komet glider:

  1. Install a real rocket engine. While the performance could be tailored to equate that of the original, it’s always going to be dangerous and rather limited, and your choice of airports will be *very* limited.
  2. Install a small turbojet. The inlet will of course be a dead giveaway, but if you design it right it should be relatively unobtrusive. You could then fly it about like a regular aircraft, and given the relatively vast fuselage, you should have a whole lot of room for fuel. Or Cheetos…

You know, for kids. Like this:




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  • CaptainNed

    It’s such a clean design that I can’t imagine it needing all that much thrust to stay airborne once off the tow rope. It’d also make it much easier to keep the total stock look.

  • bruce shaw

    One of my biggest dreams was to take one of these up with a tow plane like this guy did or use
    a solid rocket motor to send it up to at least 20 to 30,000 ft about what jetliners normally travel
    at and then when it is on full glide mode put it through all kinds of maneuvers like loops, power
    dives, tailspin recovery tests and the like but of course have an ejection seat installed in case anything went wrong and I needed to bail out. I don’t know if anyone ever did this kind of thing
    and I really doubt they did to find out the full capabilities of the thing.

    If anyone is interested in finding out a good inside story of this aircraft,there is a very good book
    written about it that I read while sick at home from school with sort of double vision for a week and which
    I had just mail ordered through Zenith Aviation Books at the time called “Rocket Fighter The
    story of the Me 163 by Mano Ziegler. In fact my local library has a copy of it believe it or not.

    I found it very good reading and highly recommend it….Why? Mano himself wrote it from his
    own diary of which he was a member of one of the units actually flying it and the experiences
    that he and the other men went through.

    • Garrai

      The biggest dream of the poor bastards assigned to fly these things was to survive the fueling and then the takeoff acceleration without the glue-bonded wings coming apart. At least the Japanese were up front with their kamikaze pilots…

  • Michael

    Back in about 2006 there was a group that hoped to build Komets for sale. They had a one-page website with drawings of their version (which looked like the real thing).

  • gormanao gormanao

    Not quite the same without hypergolic fuels all over the place…. But still really cool.

    • Ulrich Brasche III

      yeah without the real danger of blowing up during refuelling, it’s just a shiny glider showing off it’s most vulnerable phase. the 163’s that weren’t lost to fuelling mishaps were taken down as they returned home unpowered.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Not embedding might have something to do with Google’s new policy of attacking Youtubers they don’t like, including demonetization of the videos, preventing embedding and linking or playing outside of Youtube.

    Of course the criteria are arbitrary and unknowable (try getting through to Google), but it may be a consideration….