Aug 202017

I keep telling myself I’m going to stop posting about identity politics for a little while, to give this nonsense a rest. But the social justice warriors keep sucking me back in…

American Blackout

It has been dubbed the Great American Eclipse, and along most of its path, there live almost no black people. … Presumably, this is not explained by the implicit bias of the solar system. It is a matter of population density, and more specifically geographic variations in population density by race, for which the sun and the moon cannot be held responsible. Still, an eclipse chaser is always tempted to believe that the skies are relaying a message. 

The message: there’s nothing so unrelated to race-based politics that it can’t be used to buttress race-based politics.

“Sun Goes Supernova, Exterminates Humanity: Women, Children, Minorities Affected Most.”

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  • Adam

    Do you think returning to a life of rampant, incessant hedonism would be a valid method of distancing yourself from posting about these sorts of things?

    • Scottlowther

      Well, it might take my mind off the state of the world. We have moved from the Age of Enlightenment to the Industrial Revolution to the Electrical Age to the Space Age to the Information Age. And now we’re well along into the Trolling Age when nobody does anything except to poke the other guy with a pointy stick.

      • David Winfrey

        Jesus wept. That’s a “hook,” Scott, nothing more.

        “The Great American Eclipse may or may not tell us anything about our future, but its peculiar path could remind us of something about our past—what it was we meant to be doing, and what we actually did along the way” isn’t the statement of a SJW…it’s simply a way to use a current event to segue to a discussion of an UTTERLY UNRELATED historical backstory.

        Mind you, I didn’t read the piece, so maybe I’m wrong. Maybe on down past the first few paragraphs, she (the author) goes on and on about how GI Benefits mostly not going to Negro veterans of WWII, segregated housing laws both local and Federal, and many another form of discrimination were intentionally designed to keep the descendants of those times from seeing totality, which they’re hampered in traveling to see due to low incomes, long hours, and the collapse of the Trailways Bus Company…but I doubt it.

        Google “white fragility,” and look in the mirror.

        I do however agree with you about trolling, and hope that dumbass of a few days ago hasn’t damaged your site’s ability to sell. For my part, I recommended you for some kind of “genius grant” type thing some months ago, talking up the vital service you were doing for the preservation of technological heritage(s) and so forth, and telling ’em they shouldn’t let their opinions of your political stance cause ’em to cut off their noses to spite their faces. Never got an acknowledgment, and I guess you never got any $, more’s the pity.

        • Scottlowther

          > it’s simply a way to use a current event to segue to a discussion of an UTTERLY UNRELATED historical backstory

          So why not an UNRELATED story such as the lack of new nuclear powerplants for the last 40 years, or the failure of electrics car to meaningfully progress for about a century, or the disaster that is a truly socialistic government, or any of a virtually *infinite* number of other story possibilities?

          The piece seems to mostly bemoan the fact that from Oregon to Nebraska, it’s mostly white people. The author, as you quote, somehow thinks the path of totality has a “peculiar path,” which right there is an indicator of dumb things to come.

          >Google “white fragility,”

          It’s one of those phrases that’s in the Bog Book Of Useless Moral Panics. When used in a serious, non-ironic sense, it, like “manspreading” and “patriarchy” and “wage gap,” can be safely ignored.

          Now, when the same people currently using “white fragility” or “male fragility” start using the equally applicable “black fragility” and “female fragility” with the same mockery about their subjects, and with the same commonness, then maybe those will be phrases worth keeping around.

          > Never got an acknowledgment, and I guess you never got any $,


      • Nemo

        “Trolling Age”

        While one wishes that could be a term for teenage kids, I’m afraid that you nailed it as a descriptor for this corner of the Third Millennium.

  • Nick Gaston

    Dr. Walter Freeman did more to advance the state of human consciousness than that article did.

  • Edohiguma

    Anything is an excuse to spread division, even an eclipse.

    There as a total eclipse in central Europe a while back, I wonder what that would tell us about race.

    No, I don’t. The idea is so damn stupid I’m not even remotely wondering about it. The author if this piece if rubbish is allegedly a law professor, but I have my doubts, no professor should be that stupid.

    Then again, there’s a law professor in Germany, a woman no less, who argued that FGM (yes, female genital mutilation, which is sold to the stupid as “female circumcision”) should be made legal, because the German parliament legalized circumcision on religious grounds for boys (which was a massive step backwards.)

    Yes, you read that right. FGM for gender equality!

    That’s the level of stupid many in today’s academia operate on.

  • Patrick

    I just wanted to point out this gem from the same website:

    Another fine example of Poe’s law…. I really want to believe this is satire, but there’s no limit to human stupidity

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    The mass and density of the stupidity seems set to create a singularity soon…….