Aug 132017

So, Dane Peter Madsen built himself a sizable submarine, using crowdfunding to raise the money (around $200,000). He took it for a spin with a Swedish journalist on board, it sank, she disappeared, and now he’s been arrested for her murder as the Danish authorities believe the sub was intentionally sunk.

Kim Wall: Danish submarine was ‘deliberately sunk’

I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of this sub until it sank. It actually looks pretty spiffy… but reading up on in on Wikipedia, some concerns began to grow:

It was built over a three-year period as an art project by Peter Madsen and a group of volunteers…

An “art project.” A friggen submarine as an ART PROJECT. Oh, no, who needs STEM…

Madsen took the sub out *alone* with the reporter. How is it ever a good idea to pilot a submarine alone?

It seems really unlikely to me that Madsen sank the sub in order to kill the journalist. But maybe he sank the sub for some purpose (Insurance scam? Drama? Art?) and the journalist died in the process. He claims that he dropped her off on shore before the sub sank, and her body hasn’t been found. Could this be some sort of ill-conceived hoax/joke thing, where the authorities are going to spend a whole lot of taxpayer money investigating this only to have her pop up and shout “Ta-Da!’ months down the line?


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  • publiusr
    • Siergen

      Isn’t the build cost listed in that Wikipedia article ($200,000) a bit low for designing and building a 40 ton submarine?

      • Scottlowther

        You’d think so, wouldn’t you. Perhaps that’s just what the crowdfunding raised, and the rest came from out of pocket?

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Drug cartels have also built submarines, but when people disappear from them the reason is much more clear cut…..

  • Gonzo4208

    Will you do a new post condemning the terrorist attack now that it has been confirmed it was done by a white supremacist?

    • Scottlowther

      Why should I? I already did one yesterday, even *before* the press knew who the suspect was.

      • Gonzo4208

        I hope you will ask yourself how this man’s family and church failed to notice his radicalization and never reported it to the proper authorities. After all, when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, people accuse their family of being complicit, why should this act of terrorism be any different?

        There is a show I enjoy that you likely never heard of called “Babylon 5”. You should check it out, since it is very relevant to the current US government.

        • Paul451

          you likely never heard of

          Jesus, read the frackin’ site for a couple of months before you embarrass yourself any more.

          • Gonzo4208

            George Soros doesn’t pay me to read, don’t you know?

        • Scottlowther

          > how this man’s family and church failed to notice his radicalization

          Do you have reading comprehension problems? If you read the WaPo article I mentioned, you’d see that he was raised by a single paraplegic mother, and apparently had very little contact with the rest of his family. I’d ask you to ponder what conclusions you might draw from this regarding single mothers raising sons.

          And your difficulties are compounded by the fact that you’re raising this issue in an irrelevant thread. This one is about a *submarine.* Got anything to say about that? or are you upset that in my original post I only called it “murder,” ad failed to virtue signal for several paragraphs?

    • Paul451
  • Paul451

    Madsen is the same guy behind Copenhagen Suborbitals. He’s not an “artist”.

    Also he went through three versions to learn his craft (pun intended), which seems like conservative engineering.

    • Scottlowther

      > He’s not an “artist”.

      The same can be said about most people who call themselves artists, I suppose. But even if he was the STEMmiest of Engineering nerds, that need not stop his sub from being an “art project.” I’ve engaged in such myself. However, when my art fails I crumple it up and stuff it in the trash; it doesn’t sink to the bottom of the ocean and take hundreds of thousands of dollars in work and equipment with it. I art small, I suppose.

  • se jones

    Seems an expensive way to commit a murder

    No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.

  • Brianna