Aug 122017

So Charlottesville, VA, had that latest of fads: fascists protesting countered by fascistic anti-fascists. But things got interesting when a car plowed into the fascistic anti-fascists:

Clearly, somebody here intentionally plowed into a crowd of protestors for the purpose of death and mayhem.

So far as I’ve seen, the local PD hasn’t said who the driver was even though he’s in custody.But the *RUMOR* *MILL* has themselves a suspect:

BREAKING: #Charlottesville Car Terrorist Is Anti-Trump, Open Borders Druggie

UPDATE: The link above former went to a site that named names, but now the page is blank. This could mean a whole bunch of things, not least of which is they were wrong.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: A new suspect has been floated:

James Alex Fields Jr: Full Story & Must-See Details Of Suspect

In this new article, the previously mentioned suspect denies all involvement… which makes a good alibi, given as how he wasn’t actually in police custody at the time, and the driver of the car *was.* Turns out the previous “suspect’ was actually the previous owner of the car, but he sold it. The new suspect has not been officially confirmed as such by the authorities. The new article also suggests that the police think the driver *may* have been driving like a madman out of fear because his car was getting swarmed by violent protesters, but that seems kinda weak.


CNN has confirmed that Fields is the suspect; they’ve shown his mugshot. So far no word about his politicas, but he’s reportedly a registered Republican.

It will be interesting to see the political fallout no matter who this was. If it turns out the driver is a white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, a neo-Confederate or any other scumbag like that, then that will be proclaimed far and wide, and used to smear anything to the right of the fascistic anti-fascists. If, however, it turns out the driver was one of the Antifa dirtbags… well, this’ll make for some interesting spin.


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  • Gonzo4208

    I have take the liberty to report to paypal and amazon that you expressed support for the terrorism caused by white supremacists in Charlottesville. Yes, it has been widely confirmed that the driver was a white supremacist.

    Good day and go fuck yourself.

    Oh, and I am very good friends with high ups at paypal and amazon, so you are truly fucked.

    • Gonzo4208

      It is particularly disgusting how your concern is not with the person that was murdered or those injured, but rather how this terrorist act will be used to tarnish those that support white supremacy, neo-nazism, and the bigoted legacy of the Confederacy.

      I truly hope,sir, that the remainder of life is filled with pain and despair. That you go unloved and unwanted by all that you encounter. And that your pathetic corpse is consumed by your cats and whatever remains is not found for years and when it is found is simply thrown into a dump with the rest of society’s trash.

      • Scottlowther

        > your concern is not with the person that was murdered or those injured

        And you know that how?

        > how this terrorist act will be used to tarnish those that support white
        supremacy, neo-nazism, and the bigoted legacy of the Confederacy

        And you know that how?

        Here’s a hint, chuckles: you were wrong on pretty much every point you tried to make.

      • Robbie

        Your threats and insults make you just as much a scumbag as those fascist protesters. Do us a favor; go eat a 12 gauge.

    • Scottlowther

      > you expressed support for the terrorism

      Did I? Where, exactly? When I said “Pretty hard to say this ain’t terrorism?”
      Or was it when I referred to the “white supremacist, a neo-Nazi, a neo-Confederate or any other scumbag?”

      Go on, point out where I expressed *support* for this act.

      We’re waiting.

      • Gonzo4208

        If you apologize for not condemning this act of alt-right terrorism, I may reconsider my reports to paypal and amazon. I emphasis “may” though and only if you act quickly.

        • Scottlowther

          > or not condemning this act of alt-right terrorism

          Once again, the title of the post calls this terrorism. That’s condemnation enough right there, just like calling “murder” “murder” is condemnation.

          But your original claim was that I expressed *support* for it (“you expressed support for the terrorism”). Now you’re claiming that I did not express condemnation, even though i called it terrorism, and “somebody here intentionally plowed into a crowd of protestors for the purpose of death and mayhem.” What’s the deal?

          • Kopis


            Another blogger’s amusing trials and tribulations with Simpering i’Jut Wimps. Well worth the extensive reading time.

          • Herp McDerp

            What’s the deal?

            Congratulations, Scott! I think you’ve just met this guy.

          • Scottlowther

            Met somethin’, that’s for sure.

          • Gonzo4208

            So be it.

          • Scottlowther

            So be what? It’s like your replies are being forwarded from a whole different post on a whole different blog…none of what you say correlates with what you seem to be trying to respond to.

          • sferrin

            Trump 2020!

          • publiusr

            Sounds like Gonzo is one of those so called progressives who want to silence debate–who think they have veto power over someone elses free speech. No Trumpers went to DNC eventss and tried to disrupt them. This just encourages violence. I remember when real liberals supported the rights of even the unsavory to march–i.e. Skokie.

            All very sad. You don’t try to silence people.

        • Edohiguma

          So he’s required to condemn it to garner your approval?

          Under what law exactly? What jurisdiction?

          You are not the law.

          • xvdougl

            No worries, I just took the liberty to report him to the high ups at the CIA and Royal Canadian Mounties.

          • Scottlowther

            Not sure what good the CIA would be here, but the Mounties might come into play. He’s Canadian – or at least posting from a Canadian IP address – and while my knowledge of Canadian law is fairly lean, it seems they have a law about *everything.* So I imagine that Canada has laws against both cyber terrorism and cyber bullying, both of which would seem to apply.

          • Herp McDerp

            Cyberdouchebaggery? Cyberidiocy?

        • TheRequimen

          Troll elsewhere.

        • sferrin

          Go fuck yourself. If I could pile all of antifa in one big pile, and bulldoze it over a cliff, I’d do so in a heartbeat. With any luck you’d be right in the middle of the pile.

    • Kobe

      An anti nuke, I’d bet my pants.

    • xvdougl

      Sounds like those high ups need some new friends.

    • sferrin

      Go fuck yourself, asshole. And nobody cares how important you think you are. You’re just another internet, keyboard twat.

  • Richieeeee

    Funny how “peaceful protesters” these days always seem to have baseball bats and bike locks.

  • Edohiguma

    We’ve seen this in Germany and Austria in the inter-war years. National socialists (aka “Nazis”) and international socialists (aka “Communists”) battling each other back and forth, both with the goal to destroy the fledgling democracies in both Germany and Austria. The term “Saalschlacht” was born there, which referred to massive brawls in beer halls between the warring factions of socialism. These brawls were in scale very similar to what happened in Berkeley earlier this year.

    Ultimately they did succeed and the result was a left wing dictatorship under a national-socialist party that centered around the idea of an “Aryan” race, but had strong socialist ideas as well. They opposed the international-socialist approach of the Soviet Union, which was centered around the idea of international socialism, but had strong racist ideas as well.

    Also, violence causes violence. It’s not a surprise that the not-so-far-extreme-left-but-still-very-extreme-and-totalitarian left, with its own brand of racists, would hit back at the extreme left, with its own brand of racists.

    The Antifa and extreme left have been very violent for quite some time. Of course the reactions would eventually get escalated. None of this is a surprise.

    The thing earlier this year in Berkeley showed the trend. The extreme left wanted to beat up the “Nazis”, but the Nazis were prepared and took the fight to the Internazis.

    Curiously enough, police then was removed from the scene. In Hamburg police was hampered from reacting the way such protests should be handled, too. And in this case it doesn’t appear that police had any control either. Odd, no?

    By the way, spare me the “Nazis are right wing!” They’re not. Right wing were the monarchists. The Nazis were left. The first Nazi party was founded in Bohemia in 1896 by three social-democrats.

    Klofac, Stribrny and Franke were disillusioned with the path of the social-democratic movement. They concluded that the goal of “international socialism”, as propagated by Socialists of the day, was an unrealistic Utopia. They also concluded that the goal couldn’t be international. The goal for socialism had to be national.

    In 1918, on 5 May, there was another party formed in Vienna. WW1 was still raging. This party was called DAP. Deutsche Nationalsozialistische Arbeiterpartei. The German national-socialist workers’ party.

    It was anti-Habsburg, anti-aristocracy, anti-clergy, anti-capitalist and, in contrast to its Czech
    predecessor, anti-Semitic.

    Later a certain Rudolf Jung, who had been booted from the Czech areas, convinced a certain Adolf Hitler, who was a member of a “German workers’ party” in Munich, into changing the party’s designation from “social-revolutionary” to “national-socialist.” The same Jung also convinced Hitler into using a red flag.

    But always remember.

    The Nazis were right wing.

    Indeed they were.

    They were right from the communists, but still very far to the left of the political spectrum, still totalitarian, still anti-democratic, still anti-monarchist, still anti-capitalist. Their goal was simply smaller. Forget international socialism. It’s unrealistic, so they thought.However, a smaller, national socialism? Absolutely doable.

    Hitler’s National Socialism comes from the same trash heap of history as Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism. They are just different sides of the same coin: Marxism.

    Yes, they were anti-capitalist. They did not support a free market. Production was streamlined and controlled by Berlin.

    After the war the socialists decided that the Nazis were right wing. Why? They wanted to disassociate their socialism from national-socialism. They actually succeeded and now this lie is taken a fact.

    But when you look a the war itself, or the time before the war, there is absolutely no mention of the Nazis being right wing. Instead the Nazis always are the German left wing.

    Goebbels said it himself. One of the things they hated most was a right wing citizens’ bourgeoisie.

    There were plans, formulated between Hitler, Goebbels and a few others, to move against this right wing bourgeoisie after the “Endsieg”. For the time being these people were useful, but after the war all the giants of industry, etc, would be marked for extermination, with the goal to create the perfect national socialist country.

    As for the racism, Nazis are not “racist” racist. There is no “white supremacy” in national-socialist ideology. There is “Aryan race supremacy”. Two different things. In some instances even non-whites were seen as Aryan under Hitler and Himmler: followers of mohammed, for example, who ended up with their own SS division. In fact the cooperation between mohammedans and Hitler’s Nazis was on quite a high scale. The Mufti of Jerusalem was happily recruiting for Hitler.

    Yeah, the Aryan race, in theory, is white, it’s Nordic, but not everyone who is white is Aryan. Most Jews in central and western Europe were, and still are, white. But they were not Aryans, obviously, because they were Jews. This idea was pushed with a massive heap of pseudo-science, leading to several documented incidents were Jews were actually categorized as Aryans.

    If you use pseudo-science like the diameter of the skull or the distance between the upper and lower most point of the ear to determine who is Aryan and who isn’t, things like that happen.

    By the way, what do you think the Soviets under Stalin did with the Jews? They didn’t outright murder them in gas chambers, no. They worked them to death in large construction projects and tried to re-educate them into not being Jews. because the Jews, under Soviet doctrine, was an evil leech, who had created capitalism and was profiting from exploiting the working class. That sounds almost like what was said in Nazi Germany.

    Now taking all that into account, all the “Neo-Nazis” that are allegedly around, aren’t even Neo-Nazis. They’re not following the ideology of national-socialism.

    It’s basically blithering idiots vs blithering idiots.

    Someone get the popcorn.

    PS: BLM is also racist, so spare me that.

    PPS: if you want your entire idea of “left” and “right” completely thrown out the window, look at North Korea. It’s usually called Stalinist, but they also have a national-socialist ideology with an idea of “pure blood” and “Korean race”.