Aug 062017

Second deadly shooting in Baltimore’s ‘Nobody kill anybody’ weekend


When was the last time someone other than the Democrats controlled Baltimore?

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  • Pepe the Frog

    This is, of course, all Whitey’s fault. If not for the largesse mulcted from white taxpayers at gunpoint, Baltimorgue would be indistinguishable from Haiti or Harare. It sort of is anyway, but one visible difference is that the people shooting up the place are fat instead of starving.

  • xvdougl

    Perhaps weekend was a bit ambitious for those coordinates.

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    This is one of the reasons I think the Progressive’s siren calls for a Race and Class war are so misguided. Not only are they sprinkled across the country in a series of isolated “Blue” cities and counties (and just where do they get their food, water and electricity from anyway?), but the Progressives will be trapped inside their enclaves with *these* people, who they confidently expect to be their foot soldiers in any new Civil War.

    BLM, “Antifa”, Occupy, La Razza and all the other militant identity groups they have built up over the decades will be trapped in the “Blue” enclaves with the Progressive “leaders” (politicians, academics, media and the Democrat donor base), but their agenda will almost certainly not be to advance the Progressive ideal. I expect to see vicious battles inside the Blue cities and counties between these groups for control of the remaining resources, and the Progressives will be dragged out of their gated communities to “the killing fields” by these people still screaming But I’m supposed to be in charge”.

    • sferrin

      If only.

      • Thucydides_of_Athens

        Just look at how traditionally “black” enclaves like Compton have been essentially “ethnically cleansed” by Hispanics, or study “intersectional conflict” and you can see how the coalition built by identity politics is unstable. The rest simply follows from that….