Jul 292017



Interesting explanation on not only why STD isn’t canon to the “Prime” universe, but why it legally *can’t* be.


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  • James

    Honestly i have been more excited for Orvile the whole time.

  • Nick Gaston

    I’m increasingly convinced that the best thing about this era in popular entertainment is how funny the parodies of it are going to be in twenty years.

    • Thucydides_of_Athens

      Wait until you watch the Adolf Hitler sees Discovery parody that is bound to be on youtube 10 seconds after the first episode of Discovery ends.

  • Michel Van

    Give me The Orville
    it’s better version of Star Trek

    According newest Rumors
    The Agents of ST:D actors looking on new contracts for them for 2018
    If this is true, Means ST: Discovery is already dead….

  • Bob

    When I have an STD I just go to the doctor.

  • Paul451

    ST:D as an annualised anthology would actually be kind of cool. (Pity it’s only being suggested as an excuse for failure.)

    Every year: new setting, new cast, jumping around history, but kept coherent over an entire season. Maybe a full season set in a parallel universe, rather than just that one jokey episode for each series. You get to play with wildly different ideas without having to commit the whole show, which allows (maybe) more creativity. Change is fine, you don’t have to reset back to default at the end of each episode, allowing the show to evolve – even in one shorter season – than most STs get in their entire run. And since each show-runner knows that they get one single year, they’ll want to push things further. You might even get casts from earlier shows back for a single season set later in their show’s timeline.

    You want “Klingon Academy”, Bam! Season 3. You want post-TNG, Bam! Season 2. You want a what-if successful borg invasion (the Riker-verse from Parallels), Bam! Season 8. You want the Mirror-verse, Bam! Season 5.