Jul 282017

Unlikely as it may initially sound, he kinda seems to pull it off. Of course, it looks like they are trying to recast one of the most downright villainous Presidents in US history as some sort of hero, but this being Hollywood I guess that’s what you have to expect.

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  • Bob

    Lyndon Baines Johnson may well be responsible for the destruction of the United States of America. The war in Vietnam and the legislation he effected stirred up social currents in this country which are still going strong. The jury is still out. Time will tell.

  • James Cambias

    No doubt it will center on his doomed attempt to keep his successor from starting the Vietnam War.

  • xvdougl

    I’m sure the Hollywood version of Nixon as the hero we’ll be out any time now.

  • publiusr

    The make up for Bryan Cranston looked much better:

  • Garrai

    LBJ was as mobbed-up as they come, but unlike Harry Truman he gave the gift of forever Big Government to his organized crime handlers. Until that time the mob bosses had to content themselves with earnings from vice. Johnson gave them the keys to Fort Knox via the welfare programs and Medicare.

  • se jones

    Bryan Cranston was a way better fit.

    Gawd, just what the world needs, another Hollywood rewrite of the history of the Democrat Party. At least they show LBJ on the shitter with the door open, as was his habit. Wonder if they’ll also show him whipping out his “johnson” to take a leak off the front porch, right in front of a gaggle of (including women) reporters.

    My family on dad’s side are from Louisiana, related to the great Huey Long. I can tell you, the open crapper door, pissing in front of everyone is just de Regular among segments of the deep South, even in (maybe especially in) the upper classes. Some sort of male dominance display I suppose. Sigh, probably one reason I only drive pickup trucks. http://truckinrod.tripod.com/fun.htm

  • se jones

    I will say it’s a bit unfair to call the space program LBJ’s “welfare program for the South”. Except for the JSC in Houston, most NASA facilities located in the South make sense strategically. But Houston swamp land for JSC, really? That’s politics.

    • Scottlowther

      > most NASA facilities located in the South make sense strategically

      Cape Canaveral was clearly a an “affirmative action hire,” going for the easy delta-V rather than a decent launch site. Someplace in Montana or the Dakotas would have been better… it’s a less horrible part of the country in terms of climate and skeeters, and you get the advantage that, if you do it right, you drop expended first stages into Detroit where they will do no harm.

      • se jones

        Impeccable logic Mr. Lowther, as always.

        Heck, Detroit hot rod enthusiasts could have scavenged leftover hydrazine for that extra performance “kick”.

        • Scottlowther

          > Impeccable logic Mr. Lowther, as always.

          Yer goddamn right. That’s the service I provide.

  • Knigh26

    2 LBJ movies, seriously?

  • Jandanagger Laterobinson

    “the most downright villainous Presidents in US history” ?