Aug 112017


some more books. As before, I’m starting off by selling these as a single lot. If you are interested, let me know via email or comment. If nobody wants the lot, I’ll start breaking it up in a day or two.

The total of all the individual books here is $116. If you want the lot, the price is $90 plus postage, which if you’re in the US, will probably be about $15 for media mail.

“Victory Through Air Power” by Seversky, 1942. Good shape, no dust jacket. $4.00

“Royal Air Force Flying Review,” hardbound collection, some exterior water stains but otherwise intact, Volume XVII, #1-12, 1961-2. $25.00

“US Fighters,” by Jones, 1975. $4.00

“Aviation, The complete story of mans conquest of the air,” by Gunston, 1978, hardbound, torn dust jacket. $3.00

“Huey,” by Drendel, hardbound, slightly torn dust jacket, 1983. $9.00

“Gunships A Pictorial history of Spooky,” by Davis. hardbound, dust jacket in good shape, 1982. $5.00

“Pedigree of Champions, Boeing since 1916,” softbound, Boeing, 1963. $4.00

“727 Fuel Burn Executive Summary,” Boeing, 1982. $6.00

“757 Tail Strike Assessment,” Boeing, 1990, $6.00

“Tail Strike Event Analysis,” Boeing, 1991. $6.00

“767 Advanced Composites,” Boeing, 1981. $6.00

” Large Jet Aircraft Operation on Unsurfaced Fields,” Boeing, 1964. $6.00

“Leading Edge Development Program,” General Dynamics, 1987. $6.00

“Status Report 707/727/737 Division -Renton,” Boeing, 1972. $6.00

“Boeing 747 Cargo and Baggage Systems,” Boeing, 1967. $6.00

“Soaring Eagles McDonnell-Douglas F-15,” by Scutts, 1990. Hardbound, great shape, $4.00

“Modern Warplanes,” by Richardson, hardbound, 1982, great shape. $4.00

“757  Facility and Equipment Planning,” Boeing, 1982 $6.00









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  • Robbie

    Do you have Space Doctor by Lee Correy (G. Harry Stine)? I bought a first edition copy in very good condition on eBay this morning. It’s about a surgeon who operates an orbiting hospital for astronauts who are building a solar power satellite.

  • Bruce

    Nothing irrelevant to it, but I had a copy of that book “U.S. Fighters” by Lloyd S. Jones myself
    along with the U.S. Bombers book which they sort of updated but I had the old version and the
    U.S. Naval Fighters book too when everybody always talked about the Jane’s Aircraft books
    then. Rand McNally also had some good ones too. They were smaller and paperback and had
    the “World Aircraft” title to them if anyone remembers these.

  • Siergen

    The local library when I was a kid has a copy of “Victory Through Airpower”. It was an interesting read of early war views of air power theorists. Especially how they felt that the army and navy were no longer needed, even for logistics. At the time, I didn’t recognize the author’s last name.