Jul 262017

So, President Giant Middle Finger continued his trend of WTF-worthy tweeting today by declaring that transexuals would henceforth be banned from the US military. Apparently, the response from the people who actually run the Department of Defense was something along the lines of “who’s doing what now?” CNN’s talking heads are trying to figure out if the President has the power to unilaterally make that change, and, if so, whether he can do it via tweet.

Because I know y’all are just dying to find out, my opinion on transsexuals: meh. Whatever. You be you. My only problem is when “you being you” requires that “taxpayers be paying for you being you.” Now, consider this:

A) Jim Smith joins the Army and gets his arm blown off. He wants a replacement Luke Skywalker robohand; it is good and proper for the US Army to spend what it takes to get him one.

B) Jim Smith gets his arm blown off and then tries to join the Army to get them to give him a new Luke Skywalker robohand. Ummmm… no.

Lots of people are saying that there is a lot of vital talent in the pool of transsexuals that the military could use. Well, no doubt. There is also a lot of talent available in the pool of people with missing limbs, bad hearts, no eyesight, Type 1 diabetes, drug addiction, schizophrenia, flat feet and criminal records. The military has a *lot* of reasons for rejecting applicants that have little to do with talent (80% of Military Recruitments Turned Down).

So, the point: if someone is post-operative, needs no more medical care for their missing limb or gender dysmorphia, or if they are able to do the job *without* the elective and expensive medical treatments and won’t get it until they’re out, then I see little reason to say “trannies out” (other than to annoy SJWs). But if someone wants to sign up for the military with a “pre-existing condition” and expects and demands that the military – i.e. Joe Taxpayer – pay for it, I have a bit of a problem with that.

But springing this change on the military via tweet after there are apparently already transsexuals out in the open in the military, meaning that they would theoretically get kicked out? Yeah… that’s… wellllll…… that’s becoming pretty much par for the Trump course, I suppose.

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  • Adam

    Scott, Trump is the ultimate weapon when it comes to angering SJWs. This tweet of his has gotten countless SJWs throughout the social media sphere that I monitor to go completely bugnuts. They’re all going out and throwing violent temper tantrums over this in public. We may have a chance at curbing our demise at the hands of the SJWs!

    • Scottlowther

      I believe it was rush Limbaugh I heard on the radio today discussing this, thinking that it’s a strategy for 2018. Trump has always been far more pro-gay rights than the bulk of the Right, so this tweet was out of place with prior evidence. So Rush’s theory was that Trump did this to divert attention from other stuff and ge tthe LGBT community up in arms… whch would cause the straight community to recoil from the Dems in 2018.

      Well… maybe.

      It seems that any time a Republican does something seemingly silly there are those thinking it’s part of some grand strategy to ropeadope the Dems. I heard that a lot during the Bush years. And yet, it almost never happened. The silly thing was just a silly thing. I’m not really seeing trump being much different there, except being a lot sillier a lot more often at higher volume.

      • Herp McDerp

        It seems that any time a Republican does something seemingly silly there
        are those thinking it’s part of some grand strategy to ropeadope the

        Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, is one such person. He claims that Trump has been using tried-and-true sales techniques and psychological tricks all along … and that he’s still doing that stuff. Adams predicted in summer of 2015 that Trump would win the Republican candidacy and then the presidency, so there’s that.

        • Adam

          Adams says that Trump knows how to appeal to a very irrational, emotional component of the human mind and that by doing so allowed him to edge out a victory. For example, Trump’s use of cute nicknames of “Lyin’ Ted” and “Crooked Hillary” is one such tactic.

          By repeatedly using those nicknames he’s imprinted the imagery of a liar and/or criminal into the aforementioned candidates. Such imagery is further supplemented by the actual fact that Hillary is old and ugly. Therefore, Hillary can be perceived as “crooked” due to her crooked stature as a result of her old age.

          Note that Adams is not a Trump supporter. He never endorsed Trump and never approved of his policies. It’s just that he claims that based on his personal background in manipulative psychological techniques, Trump is actually quite competent at pushing peoples’ buttons to get them to do certain things.

          • Rick

            to be fair those same techniques have been deployed to varying effect, especially the name calling, by the opposition party and its allies as well. First time ever the GOP has been so effective at it in recent decades.

          • Scottlowther

            > First time ever the GOP has been so effective at it…

            But it’s not the GOP, it’s Trump. He’s only a Rep because he figured he had a marginally better chance of getting their nomination than he did with the Dems.

          • Rick

            he knew he wouldn’t be able to defeat the DNC’s system, as exposed by the Russians, or was it Libyans with a box of shiny clock parts? 🙂

  • Nick Gaston

    Well, there’s also the issue that this isn’t like fixing a cleft lip, or a heart valve…even completely post-operative transsexuals would still require a lifetime regimen of hormones—at least until implantable, bioengineered gonads are a thing—at least some of which, IIRC, are temperature sensitive. And also, IIRC, can cause mood swings, especially when first starting them.

    I mean, there are plenty of variables to be considered, not just on the medical front (and this is still a relatively young field, at that), but in military deployment—shooting up with testosterone twice a day when commanding a parts depot in Oklahoma is a different situation than lugging an M2 around the backwoods of Puntland in 100° heat, severe sleep deficit, and in mortal danger.

    And the same would apply to someone taking Tegretol, Haldol, Cyclosporin, Prozac, or Humulin.

    • Herp McDerp

      I’ve also read claims that M-to-F transsexuals require monitoring and occasional readjustment of their newly acquired ladyparts. If it’s true, that might be acceptable for someone with a desk job, but it would be rather awkward for someone in a combat situation.

  • Charles P. Kalina

    What intrigued me is how “transgender” soldiers were going to be scored for the physical fitness tests and height/weight standards. At what point to you flip to the opposite sex’s standards? Do you have to be “transitioning” or is it enough to say you identify as the opposite sex?

  • publiusr

    Waiting for the Democraps to blame this on Russia in 3..2..1…

    • Adam

      Nope. They’ve completely dropped it in order to focus on Trump going anti-LGBT. The distraction is working. Even when suggested to the left that it’s a distraction, they brush it off and say that LGBT rights are *serious* *business* and should never be treated as minor distractions.

    • publiusr

      That isn’t me…

  • Rick

    what gets me, are the amount of open, loud military *haters*, the Code Pink types, the “veterans deserve to get screwed by the VA cuz they’re babykillers” types who get on this newest Outrage Train about their favorite victim group NOT being allowed to join those same “babykillers”.

    All about “inclusion” into the organization you claim to hate the most, only makes sense if you believe that inclusion can be turned against that organization in the future.

  • madoc62


    Yeah, I’d be a tad leery of giving either Trump or the GOP too much credit for being so damn clever about “playing” the opposition through such “subtlety.”

    But then again, Trump has a long and established history of being _very_ effective at “playing” his opposition to his advantage.

    Then there’s the fact that the transgender policy needed to be changed. Obama inflicted that upon the military without heed to the damage it was doing to the military’s primary mission – destroying things and killing people.

    Having yet another select group of individuals requiring yet more special attention and catering to within the military is not helping with that primary mission. Thus, out they need to go.