Jul 172017

UPDATE: books have sold.

I’m selling some books. The usual approach is ebay, but I figured I’d start here with y’all. This first group I will try to sell separately *if* nobody wants the lot of them. If you buy the whole lot, it’ll be cheaper than individually. The individual prices are based on what they seem to be going for online.

If you want the whole lot, I’m selling it for $100 (sum of the individual books, $133), plus postage. If you’re in the US, it’ll be media mail, so it shouldn’t cost too much. If you want the lot, let me know via email or comment; first come, first served.

For right now, trying to sell these books as a lot. If nobody wants the whole lot within a day or so, I’ll make them available individually.

“The High Frontier” by O’Neill, larger paperback, 1982. $15

“Colonies in space,” by Heppenheimer, larger paperback, $3.50

“The Future of Flight” by Myrabo, paperback, 1985. $3.50

“Colonizing other Worlds” by Macvey, hardbound, 1984. $7

“The Exploration of Space,” by Clarke. Hardbound, dust jacket is torn, otherwise good, 1951. $3

“The high Frontier,” by O’Neill, trade paperback, 1978, $3.50

“Colonies in space,” Heppenheimer, trade paperback, 1977. $3.50

“Space Trek,” by Glenn, paperback, 1978. $5

“Moving Into Space,” paperback, 1978. $4

“The Third industrial Revolution, by Stine, paperback, 1975. $5

“Space Shuttle,” by Kaplan, hardback, 1978. $4

“Dark Sun” by Rhodes, 1996, paperback, $4

“Fallout Prediction,” US Army FM3-22, 1973. $12

“The Constructive Uses of Nuclear Explosives” by Teller, 1968. Hardcover, no dust jacket. $60

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  • Nick P.

    Hi, I sent you an e-mail earlier about the whole lot.

    Just figured I’d confirm here.

    • Scottlowther

      Check your email for my reply. Thanks!