Jul 162017

Here’s a propaganda cartoon from 1956, put out to benefit the American petroleum industry. I’m at a loss as to who this was meant to be shown to… school kids, perhaps? In any event, it uses reasonably good (for the time) animation to extol the virtues not only of petroleum, but of the competitive capitalist economic model. In other words… pretty much exactly what you would not expect to see today.

It’s interesting to see what American society put out to promote itself when the US was in undeniable ascendancy, compared to the self-flagellating barf that tends to get promoted now that the US is seemingly in self-imposed decline.

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  • Adam

    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

    -Abraham Lincoln

    I always knew Lincoln was a genius. Who else could have foreseen our demise like this?

    In any case, what would it take to rejuvenate this country and bring us back to our roots?

    • sferrin

      Lots of executions. Probably in the millions.

  • Kopis

    Note the dictator Ogg’s ‘helmet.’ Anybody else get the subtle suggestion in the shape of a butt? In other words, did anyone else get the ‘glorious leader’ was portrayed as a butt head?

  • publiusr

    You are always going to have hydrocarbon infrastructure. Paving roads requires either concrete from quarries (liberating CO2) or asphalt. The left talks about infrastructure failing. That’s a fair point. But they fuss over oil spills. But guess what goes into asphalt? Oil.

    So is the GOP putting too much oil on the surface? Or not enough? Can’t have it both ways.