Jul 022017

Currently available on ebay is a 1955-vintage Jeep complete with a Davy Crockett 120mm recoiless gun. It’s a little unclear whether the weapon system is entirely authentic or if some (or all) of it was built from scratch for the restoration. The M388 warhead is clearly a reproduction.

Original Military Jeep M38A1D, Atomic Cannon, Davey Crocket 120 mm Gun

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  • Nick Gaston

    Gorgeous. 🙂

    I’ve made a miniature 155mm XM29 version for my 3D Printing Shop, but I’ve had some requests (and plan to make) the 120mm XM28 version, as seen above, as well…

    I’m mulling over building a 1/35 “Baja Bug” and using that as a delivery platform. I’m most curious about how many additional rounds I could store in the passenger area and the trunk, especially if I leave the trunk lid off.

  • se jones

    Well shit, went to read up on the M388 and one thing led to another as often happens on the interweb, whence I came across new images at energy.gov/em/nevada of the demolition of the Nuclear Rocket Development Station.

    Son of a bitch.
    I have seen from a distance, but always wanted to actually tour the facilities.
    So sad.

    There goes R-MAD

  • se jones

    I mean god damn it…it may still be a little hot in R-MAD (but I doubt it), but the test stands should be national historic monuments. The DOE and Nev freely admit that there only real worry is ground water contamination out there, which they also admit they can do nothing about except monitor it. So for shits sake, why can’t we have standing monuments to the time when this nation was fearless and forward looking?


    • Thucydides_of_Athens

      “Why can’t we have standing monuments to the time when this nation was fearless and forward looking?”

      For a large part of today’s population, and the political, bureaucratic, media and academic classes, to ask that question is to answer it. Luckily we have the Internet which undoes the “memory holes” that acts and achievement seem to be thrown down.

      • se jones

        That was just a rhetorical question, just some venting on my part.

  • xvdougl