Jul 012017

Multnomah County Republicans Formally Allow Militia Groups to Run Security

The GOP in Multnomah county, Oregon, have decided to let volunteers from the “Three Percenters” and “Oath Keepers” groups provide security (*not*, as the headline suggests, “run” security).

Even if the security operations run completely professionally, smoothly and without incident, expect this sort of news to drive lefties bonkers. However, I won’t be the least bit surprised if there are some interesting incidents here. Multnomah county includes Portland, Oregon, a current hotbed of left-wing radicalism and violence, such as the thuggish fascists of the Antifa movement.

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  • allen

    oathkeepers are pretty good, having all been military or police.

    three percenters shouldn’t be doing security. that’s like hiring the french resistance to do police work in 1945. it’s not really a skillset they’d be good at. and this is coming from a three percenter.

    vanderboegh-type threepers would probably be ok. kerodin-type threepers would drop into “I’m more badass than you:” mode (without the skills to actually back that up) and it would be a chest-puffing contest until someone actually got hurt, then they’d run.

    • publiusr

      As long as they stay professional. There was some militia folks pulling over residents out west–asking if they were Feds.

      The militia became exactly what they said they were against. This back during the first Bundy incident IIRC.

      • allen

        the bunkerville thing was being run by “blaine cooper”..not his real name..who it turns out was a full-on fed informant from day one. he claimed to be a US army ranger…he “forgot” to show up for USMC bootcamp, and that’s as close to the military as he ever got.

        current estimates are about 1/3 of the people at the wildlife refuge takeover were fed informants..including about half of the people who were in charge.

        • publiusr


          • allen

            yeah. standard operating procedure since the 1960’s. look at the black panthers..started as a community watch organization, because the cops wouldn’t come after dark. then they were militarized by a fed informant.

            infiltrate, radicalize, thin the “normies” out of the group, then discredit. every movement from the 60’s till now, they follow the same playbook.

          • Peter Hanely

            Whether or not that’s a standard playbook, these organizations need to police their membership for more radical elements, especially those pushing aggressive violence.

          • allen

            I almost had it happen to my group. it happens slowly..new members over a period of a few years. they claim to not know each other. then when they reach a “critical mass”..they take the group in a bad direction. usually by then the original membership has moved on or become sidelined to the new, more active membership.

            I suspended every member that had joined in the 3 years prior to this “mutiny” and took closer charge of what was left. (we had committees and each had plenty of autonomy within their field. no more.) some of those people probably weren’t involved..but I couldn’t take the chance.

            the point being..you don’t know it’s happening until after it’s happened. the people involved are there specifically to act and look completely reasonable..until someone gives the signal. then they take the group off into “captain chemtrails-ville” before you can derail them.

            there are plenty of examples of this.